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  • Windows 10 Playlist Party Shuffle.

    Still using Playlist Party Shuffle as I have for many years with no issues on an old XP machine, all I use that machine for now is playing songs from a very large database of music.
    A lot of it now rated and crossfading beautifully.

    I would like to to move to Windows 10 and the latest Winamp.
    I am currently using 5.66 on XP

    I have installed Winamp 5.8 on Windows 10 and after a lot of research and crashes I can get the Playlist Party Shuffle script to run with activewinamp, but it does not select songs.
    (I have tried it with 5.66 on Windows 10 with the same issue.)
    I am confident it is a Windows 10 problem.
    I get a list in the playlist that looks like this.

    winamp is trying to play those, if I manually add songs it will play a song and then when finished with a song it plays the next one I have manually added as it should, it adds a new "song" again as it should.
    BUT this new song though is 6.C etc. rather than a song.

    This is the script, working fine on XP

    I wonder if anyone has any ideas.

    [much too long post, code as attachtment, next time use the attachment to post those items instead of posting half a page ~ÑJK]
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