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  • Adding to a Playlist

    I'm trying to write a plug-in that will respond to a keystroke command by sending the currently playing song to a playlist, just like the Send To submenu does.
    I've got the part about responding to the keystroke and getting the currently playing file, but how can I add the currently playing song to a playlist in the media library?


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    I'd like to know, too

    I'm trying to solve this problem, too. Anyone have any ideas?


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      Maybe somewhere in ml.h from the Winamp SDK?

      * PC: Intel Core 2 DUO E6550 @ 2.33 GHz with 2 GB RAM: Archlinux-i686 with MATE.
      * Laptop: Intel Core 2 DUO T6600 @ 2.20 GHz with 4 GB RAM: Archlinux-x86-64 with MATE.


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        Well, I looked around a bit. I can see how to walk the ml tree to find out what playlists are there easily enough. But I dunno how to actually modify them.

        I tried ML_IPC_ADDTREEITEM with no luck...


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          Just to close this out: I ended up just writing directly to the .m3u files under Plugins/ml. Note: if you've got a given playlist selected in the ML, write a new song to it's file, and then change the selection, the ML will overwrite your changes.