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Yet another plugin submission thread

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  • Yet another plugin submission thread

    It's been about a week now and my plugin is still sitting as unpublished (and naturally there's no way to know if any of the staff even knows about it) so I'm resorting to this post.

    Name: Classic Spectrum Analyzer
    Component ID: 165966

    Actually I might as well mention this other plugin I submitted recently as well (not yet a week old but it's a very simple input plugin that won't take much time to review):

    Name: Noise Generator
    Component ID: 166326
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    installed, but in my visualization plugin page I see nothing

    some requirements?

    Winamp 5.34 (build 1278)


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      Crud, it requires the C runtime DLL. I just rebuilt it to remove that dependency (and to the reviewer staff I updated the submission) but I can't attach the full installer version here since it's bigger than the attachment size limit.

      I'll attach the DLL only, so if you've run the installer (only addition really is a bunch of profiles I made) from the previous attachment, overwrite the .dll with this one and hopefully it will show up.
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        sorry, nothing yet

        1st step: launched the installer
        2nd step: changed the old .dll with new .dll (without dependency)

        the old .dll was ~23 KB, the new is ~86 KB, so I think (as you said) no need for external runtime library because is embedded


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          really strange!

          I've just refreshed my Winamp installation, and now I can see your plugin, so now it's all ok!

          I've really just started to test it, but I can already say it's really nice!
          Nice features and nice profiles

          good work!



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            Well that's good to hear. I actually tried installing it on a different system with an older version of winamp and it doesn't show up and I can't figure out why.

            Very strange indeed.


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              Ok, so it got published:

              But now when you try and download it you get a 0 byte file (and Windows of course gives you a message that the file is not a valid Win32 executable).

              Should I re-submit it, or can someone restore the proper exe?


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                Originally posted by Prowler7
                Ok, so it got published
                How did you manage to get it published so quickly? I submitted a plug-in update for review over a month ago and it is still unpublished!
                Remote Speakers Output Plug-In
                Stream audio from Nullsoft Winamp to the Apple AirPort Express (aka AirTunes)


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                  Originally posted by emilles
                  How did you manage to get it published so quickly? I submitted a plug-in update for review over a month ago and it is still unpublished!
                  I guess I was lucky, though maybe for naught as people seem to get a 0 byte file when they download my plugin now.


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                    Really good plugin, thank you.
                    Do You know that it doesnt work with ALAC?


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                      i just registred to say THANK YOU MAN!

                      I was looking for a simple spectometer that i can relate to for years.