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Playlist file on Vista

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  • Playlist file on Vista


    I've written an application that makes Winamp write the playlist file so that I can read the filename of the currently played track. It works nice on any Windows version, but it fails on Windows Vista x86 (haven't tested x64 yet). The problem is that I get a track position in return of the IPC_WRITEPLAYLIST message, but the playlist file just isn't written by Winamp. I even disabled the "virtualisation" in the Vista task manager (no idea what that should be exactly, but it sounds harmful) but it doesn't help.

    Any idea how I can make Winamp write the playlist file to disk? If not, where does it actually write the data to?

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    it's probably saving it to something like C:\Users\<insert username>\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\winamp.m3u (and m3u8 version) - assuming you're using a current version of winamp, if not and you're on a pre 5.2 version of winamp then it's likely the playlist won't be allowed to be created due to vista making the program files directory read-only (or something silly like that from what i've read)

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      Thank you. I've updated my application and let it search in that path if running on Windows Vista. That works now.