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updated ml_ex?

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  • updated ml_ex?


    Since version 5.5 has been released,
    I was wondering if nullsoft was going to update their SDK.
    I mean, now that there is this cool display of windows/list/cover art etc...
    will there be an updated sample of ml_ex?...

    I am developping a plugin and I have to display a list of songs (with filters like genre album etc...), but the current ml_ex is really poor :-(
    And I would like to avoid the asle of recoding a whole new GUI

    Otherwise is there any GUI open project that I could use?

    Thank you for your help!

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    yes, a 5.5 sdk is planned. but will take a while due to busy work schedules by those involved. as they say, watch this space.


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      Ok thank you for your reply on the sdk.
      Would you by any chance know if they are updating ml_ex?



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        nothing has been touched with that or just about any of the files, at most there's new things in wa_ipc.h and ml.h and that's basically it. there may be an effort made to sort out better documentation in the sdk but i've no idea if that'll ever come to be on an official level.

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