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Windows Media Player Import: plug-in to import the WMP library

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  • Windows Media Player Import: plug-in to import the WMP library

    Hi all, I have finished my Winamp plug-in to import the Windows Media Player library into Winamp, including all library-specific metadata, such as ratings and playcounts. It provides a similar functionality as the built-in plug-in for importing an iTunes database, but for the Windows Media Player library instead, and offers more options.

    Access the plug-in by clicking "Import from Windows Media Player" in the File menu of Winamp's Media Library or main window. Then you can choose to import all audio and video files, only audio or only video files, or only files in a specific playlist. By default, the plug-in will update previously imported files whose metadata has changed in the WMP library, but this can be disabled, to only allow the importing of new files. There's also an option to remove files from the Winamp library that have been removed from the WMP library (use this with care), and to automatically import on every Winamp start-up.

    The plug-in is guaranteed not to make any changes to the Windows Media Player library, so you can be sure that your WMP library is safe. Only the Winamp Media Library is affected.

    Importing is pretty fast and takes just a few seconds on a moderate PC when importing about 2.000 files.

    This plug-in can be used, for example, to put your Windows Media Player library on an iPod. Just import your WMP library into Winamp, and then use the built-in iPod support or the excellent ml_iPod plug-in to sync the imported library to the iPod.

    I hope that this plug-in can be useful to some people, and please don't hesitate to report any problems or suggestions here. If no big issues arise, I will submit it to the Winamp plug-ins database.

    Download here


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    Because the download link gets hidden ("URL submitted by user"), I uploaded my plug-in as an attachment here.
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      I have officially released my plug-in. Nothing important has been changed to the plug-in itself, but the download is now an installer and also includes a readme file, so it is recommended to download this instead of the attachment in my older post. More information about the plug-in on my website:
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        Version 1.1 of the plug-in can now be downloaded. This is mainly a bugfix release, no big new features were added:
        • The plug-in now imports the Disc-field ('Set' in Windows Media Player).
        • Compatible with metadata fields and filenames containing Unicode characters.
        • Fixed: when a metadata field was cleared in Windows Media Player, the plug-in possibly didn't clear the corresponding Winamp field on next import.
        • Fixed: the plug-in couldn't distinguish playlists with the same name.
        • Fixed: the Year-field didn't get imported when Windows Media Player 9 or 10 was used.
        • Fixed: when certain metadata fields were changed in Windows Media Player while Winamp was already running, Winamp had to be restarted before the changes could be imported.
        • Fixed: possible Winamp crash while importing.
        • You can now access the plug-in through the Library button, which should always be available, regardless of the skin being used.
        • The check for removed files now happens before instead of after the actual importing. This makes the process faster if the Winamp library doesn't contain a lot of items yet.
        • Various small UI changes.
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