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No keyboard messages when viz window is attached

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  • No keyboard messages when viz window is attached

    I've got a visualisation plugin project I'm working on and I've encountered some odd behavior when the window is docked/attached to the winamp main window.

    When the window is independent of the main window everything is happy; the window proc receives WM_KEYDOWN, WM_LBUTTON, WM_SIZE etc.

    When the window is docked the mouse/window etc events are still received but WM_KEYDOWN and WM_KEYUP are never seen.

    Is this the standard behavior? Some searching around didn't find anything (or much at all talking about attach and detaching of the viz window). I checked if DXGI/D3D was doing anything strange with the window but tried using an empty window and that was the same.


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    it sounds like maybe your window is missing a style which is preventing it from acting correctly as a child and so doesn't get any messages. make sure you've followed the details in wa5vis.txt from the sdk and you can also have a look at the Milkdrop 1.x (this should be easier to follow from what i remember) or AVS source code to see how it's been done to allow keyboard events to work.

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