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Get title/length of file not yet in the playlist.

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  • Get title/length of file not yet in the playlist.

    I'm in the middle of a plugin update and I need to know if it's at all possible to force/get/coax Winamp into retrieving the actual title/length of a file as it would be displayed in the playlist editor before it's been loaded into the playlist editor.

    I searched the entire wa_ipc.h header for a solution. I only found two in my initial search. All the other ones that dealt with titles that I could find either only referenced hooking titles, changing titles, or getting titles already in the playlist. I could just be missing something though so I'm asking.

    IPC_GET_BASIC_FILE_INFO <-- Didn't work, it just gave me NULL[title]/-1[length] for files not in the playlist yet.

    IPC_GET_EXTENDED_FILE_INFO <--I couldn't any make sense of this one. What do I pass to the struct other than the full path and filename? If I do pass it the correct stuff to get it to work, would it still only work on files already in the playlist?

    The reason why I need to get the title/length before putting it into the playlist editor is because I'm trying to manage playlists outside the pled (and inside the plugin only) and temporarily putting a file into the pled just to retrieve the title/length is not workable nor reliable at the moment. As a playlist file (M3U, PLS, or whatever) may or may not contain full meta info I would rather find an alternate source for the needed information instead of just skipping an otherwise valid playlist entry just because the info wasn't there. And since Winamp would be the ultimate authority on what it would look like in the pled anyways I would like Winamp to tell me instead of trying to read the file manually (and because I don't know HOW to read every single stink'n kind of media file type on the face of the planet like Winamp basically does! )

    I searched the forums but the search results gave me pages and pages of stuff that was not relevant to my current question.

    If this question was already answered I apologize in advance and please post a link to the answer.

    As my avatar suggests, I've been banging my head on my desk for a while now. It's starting to hurt.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.

    The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : IPC_GET_EXTENDED_FILE_INFO
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    PHP Code:
    wchar_tGetExtendedFileInfo(wchar_tfile, const wchar_tfield){
    extendedFileInfoStructW exFIS;
    wchar_t metadata[MAX_PATH];
    metadata[0] = 0;
    exFIS.filename file;
    exFIS.ret metadata;
    exFIS.retlen sizeof(metadata);
    exFIS.metadata field;
    // can do stuff since data was received
    return metadata;

    wchar_tmyTagFuncW(const wchar_t *tagvoid *p){
    wchar_t retBuf[2048];
    retBuf[0] = 0;
    // this is a good fallback so that any tags not implemented here should be filled in
            // though using the ML interface will provide a faster method if the data has already
            // been loaded from the files (since the ML caches it all in memory).
    wchar_tret GetExtendedFileInfo((wchar_t*)p,tag);
    ret)    lstrcpyn(retBuf,ret,2048);
        return (

    waFormatTitleExtended fmt_title;
    wchar_t temp[2048];
    temp[0] = 0;
    fmt_title.useExtendedInfo 1;
    fmt_title.spec spec;            // pass as 0 use the default atf as defined by winamp
    fmt_title.TAGFUNC myTagFuncW;
    fmt_title.TAGFREEFUNC 0;
    fmt_title.out temp;
    fmt_title.out_len 2048;
    fmt_title.filename = (wchar_t*)(fmt_title.p);

    this is what i use to get titles formatted as the playlist editor shows using GetFormattedTitleFromWinamp(..) - can't remember what client version is needed as a minimum though i know it's all fine for 5.5+. is what i use in jtfe and a few other plug-ins so you can probably remove the plpos aspect as that's non-standard in the playlist editor atf.

    to get the length, you should just need to use the GetExtendedFileInfo(..) function passing 'length' as the 'field' value though i can't double-check that at the moment so i might be wrong, heh.

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      Thank you and yeah, I just had myTagFuncW just return 0 and it worked.

      "LENGTH" works but I had to convert the return value from thousandths-of-a-second.

      I am assuming that as I cannot find an Ansi version of IPC_FORMAT_TITLE_EXTENDED in the header this is implemented as unicode onry?
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        IPC_FORMAT_TITLE is the older ansi equivalent though it doesn't have the built-in means to use the standard atf string - requires manually reading the setting from the ini file (though if i remember correctly it isn't saved to file until Winamp is closed or a force settings save happens).

        it really comes down to what Winamp version you want to support from as to what to do. personally i don't see any benefit in going for pre-5.5 unless there's a good reason (as there's often a lot more version checking on certain apis when going from 5.2 to 5.5).

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