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    I am developing Winamp integration for PushLife, a mobile phone media platform. For a prototype, I need to extract library information from Winamp and later modify library information. So far I have successfully compiled and installed ml_xmlex that ships with Winamp SDK 5.55.

    Could someone give me some pointers on how I should go about extracting library information? So far I have tried using SendMessage() with ML_IPC_TREEITEM_GETROOT hoping to navigate the tree and extract track information, but this has not worked so far. Any recommendations are welcome!

    Thanks a bunch!


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    what information are you trying to extract / modify?

    also ML_IPC_TREEITEM_GETROOT i doubt is what you want to use as that's for working with the tree of views in the ml and not metadata (as i'd guess you're wanting to acquire).

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      Device Plugin

      Hey Daz,

      Thanks for the prompt reply. You guessed right, I am interested in extracting track metadata, and modifying existing track metadata. Eventually I would like to add/remove tracks from the library as well. How do you recommend I go about it?

      Thanks again,



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        I think I have figured out how to get/set track metadata. My main problem is media library management. Can you list all the contents of the music library, add and remove tracks?




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          I may have found a lead, but I'm not sure what format api_mldb::Query() expects.

          Has anyone out there used api_mldb::Query() before?
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            ml.h should have all of the required api's with the means to run a query to get the files wanted (basically using the query language to get the result) and there are (from memory as i cannot check) apis allowing for adding/updating/removing things. as for api_mldb, i've never used it though i can't remember how much it is used internally but as it's a recently new thing there's probably not much docs / attempts by anyone to use it (at least from what i've seen external of core plug-in usage).

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