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  • plugin [not loaded]

    Hi, I created a general plugin using C++/CLI, to output VU data to an Arduino connected to a COM port, Using both managed and unmanaged code.

    It runs perfectly on Win7 x64, with .NET framework 4 installed.

    The problem is, it wont load on another OS. Ive tried XPsp2 and Vista VMs but I get a [NOT LOADED] message in the plugin list. I have installed the .NET framework 4 client profiles on both systems.

    Haven't seen much info about this error. Is there a winamp debug log anywhere, to show where its failing?

    Im using the same version of winamp on all computers. Dont know why it works on one, but not the other two systems.

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    that error appears if Winamp is not able to load the plug-in dll either from a dll dependency issue or a corruption of the plug-in itself.

    as you've mentioned using managed and unmanaged code, have you made sure that you're not trying to use the debug version on the other machines (common cause of such failures) or that you've compiled things against the correct platform version i.e. it must all be 32-bit.

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      Thanks daz,

      All the compile options seem fine. Just tested it on my wifes win7 laptop, and it ran fine on it.

      It most likely a dependency problem then on the other two systems.


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        as a starting point you might want to check out the dll dependencies via which may / may not give an idea of what is not being found.

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          Running great now. Forgot to install the Visual C++ Redistributable. Thanks


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            is always something simple like that

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              DrO, I have the same problem. When I sent my plugin to another computer, Winamp doesn't load it.

              In Visual Studio 2012 I set project configuration to "Release" and compiled my plugin dll.

              In Winamp "Preferences" window I see "NOT LOADED" message.

              And log file \AppData\Roaming\Winamp\winamp.log contains error:
              [] [error] Error when loading the plugin 'gen_wa_plugin.dll'! Error code : 126!
              Error 126 - means that specified module could not be found.

              There seems to be a problem with dependencies.

              In "C/C++ -> Code Generation" settings I found "Runtime Library" option. Now it has "Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)" value .

              Should i change it to "Multi-threaded (/MT)"?

              I downloaded some WACUP plugin sources from github and in Release configuration this option is equal to "Multi-threaded DLL (/MD)".
              That means that these plugins will have dependencies and Winamp won't load them either. But plugins like waveseek works well. Maybe developers forget to change this option to "/MT" in public projects? I don't understand.

              So I want to ask you what project settings should be to compile release version of my plugin to help Winamp to loads it on other PCs?


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                Originally Posted by Ingvar View Post
                DrO, I have the same problem. When I sent my plugin to another computer, Winamp doesn't load it.
                Dr0 is no longer with Winamp, doesn't visit this forum anymore so this thread is closed , if you have an issue open a new thread about this topic
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