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  • A "plugin playlist"

    I found a wonderful idea: have you never tried to create a "plugins playlist"?
    What is it: is similar at a songs playlist but it contains a LIST OF DSP EFFECT (IN/OUT, etc.) plugins which tour
    can open and use (simultaneously/less) when (where and as) you like.
    That's right that you must have with you a multiplugin container (MUCH FX, DSP STACKER, MULTIPLE DSP 1.0, v. 1.4/1.6..., but Stacker I personally think is the best).
    So you put all DSP plugins you like, save the list and (as, where) when you like, open them activating themselves.
    So this is a very good idea which I experimented also to rebuild the characteristics of an unical it's as you've (re)built an (not more) unavailable/unfindable DSP EFFECT PLUGIN. That's all right?