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"Wasiona" - Multidevice ASIO Output Plugin (with Voume!)

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  • "Wasiona" - Multidevice ASIO Output Plugin (with Voume!)

    Disclaimer: This is not my work, and I am not related to the author in any way.

    Not sure if anybody is still interested in this kind of thing - I believe the author has indeed moved on to bigger (and better?) things, but I was extremely surprised that I didn't see this discussed on the WA forums previously.

    Wasiona is a multi-device ASIO output plugin for Winamp, which can be downloaded here as source code and precompiled .DLL:

    As far as clean code, good design and solid understanding/goals go, this has to be one of the better projects I've ever seen. Yes, it's old, but Winamp is too

    I imagine that people will be interested in the added support for volume control here, which I do not personally require or miss when using an ASIO output plugin, but have seen more than enough people ask about it or complain that it is missing.

    The only issue I've seen so far is that it doesn't work on Windows 10, though I've only just found that out - probably easy to fix, and I'll report back if so. It worked on 2x of my Windows 7 installs straight away, however.

    [This is where a screenshot would be posted, if the function was working for me. Have attached it though.]

    I hope the author does not mind me posting this here. Hopefully it is of interest to someone
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