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Ray's G15 Winamp Plugin - Anyone have it?

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  • Ray's G15 Winamp Plugin - Anyone have it?

    Hi all.

    I'm desperately looking for Ray's G15 Winamp Plugin. All links to it are now dead so I cannot find a download. I'm hoping some kind soul out there still has it and can upload or send it to me? I've searched high and low, even in these forums, and come up empty.

    It's over 10 years old now I think, so I know my chances are slim... I recently had to reinstall Windows 10, hence I lost the plugin.

    Logitech made a G15 keyboard with an LCD screen, and Ray's plugin would display Winamp info and an animated sine wave on the LCD. I'm now on the G19s keyboard, and until recently still used this great lil plugin. Here's a (VERY BAD QUALITY) YouTube video of it in action:

    If you think you have this plugin, it might be located in a folder like this:
    C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins, and the filename is gen_15_ray.dll

    Very happy to donate a beer or coffee or whatever to any kind soul who can help me out.

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    The good old wayback machine seems to have saved the day.
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      Is this the one you're looking for?


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        [non-edit EDIT]: Beaten by waffl3x :P


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          You guys are legends, thank you so much! I had alreayd thought of Wayback Machine, but foolishly dismissed the thought as I assumed it wouldn't archive a DLL file... but of course, it's zipped! Thank a million!

          waffl3x, would you like a few bucks for a coffee? PM me your PayPal addy if you do.


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            Thanks for this information