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Help with writing a dsp plugin

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  • thinktink
    Look at the file Winamp\DSP.H inside the Winamp SDK folder.

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  • Alon29
    started a topic Help with writing a dsp plugin

    Help with writing a dsp plugin

    Hello guys

    I want to make a plugin which do something on the audio (for example, add gain just to the surround channels ), but i am having some troubles...

    I have read the plug-in guide in the wiki (part1 and part2) and searched the forum, but i still have couple of questions:

    1) how do i take the datastream from winamp? the guide said to look the API in wa_ipc.h file, and i did and go over all the functions name, but couldnt find the relevant one.
    2) same goes for how to send my modified datastream to winamp.
    3) the guide says something about Wasabi, and state that it is a different framework than the one discussed in the guide.
    which one is better (or more updated), the method in the wiki pages or the Wasabi? if it is the latter, how do i find guides to work with it?
    4) is there an example or tutorial file which shows how to code a similar plug in?

    (the only similar plugin i have found is out_lame, which is little different from my wanted plugin as it write the output to file instead direct it to the speakers)

    thanks a lot