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Any chance for Linux Suport?

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  • Any chance for Linux Suport?

    It would be great if winamp run in linux !

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    I would love to see Winamp working on Linux.


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      Just use Wine, it runs winamp very well.
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        Originally Posted by Warrior of the Light View Post
        Just use Wine, it runs winamp very well.
        Kinda. My experience was from a long while ago so some of the issues I experienced may have been resolved.
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          I love Linux and use it I would like to have winamp port in linux


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            i don't thing so.


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              winamp at WINE work so bad

              well i love winamp so much <3 from 2.75 or more older (i dont remember ), but at this year 2022 they have a lot problems at many distros GNU/Linux.
              1.- spontaneously explodes , MY LOVELY MUSIC STOP and then open "send report of winamp"
              2.- AVS not work: explode , if work 30 seconds : it my day of lucky. PD: forget about FULL SCREEN
              AVS its basic for me
              3.- never work MODERN SKIN or BENTO. ; the good way its Classic skin and some times screen margins are lost.
              4.- FORGET ABOUT PLUGINS (impossible ) this is understandable because of the immense difference in operating systems.
              i reapeat this problems at "WINE" at GNU/Linux.

              i understand then winamp are CLOSED CODE .
              you can create BINARY WINAMP to run whit basics functions (CLASSIC SKIN , PLAYLIST, LYBRARY and AVS/Milk Drop) .
              But you guys have a lot fans from old school from windows 95, like me. then we migrate maybe for comfort to GNU Linux or MAC OS for WORK.
              i use VLC for MAC OS and .... work fine but its UGLY.

              i now you FOUNDERS DEVELOPERS are tired for thousends of hours of work.
              but we are trillions of Fan-Boys we like SHOUTCAST, AVS, MILK DROP, converter my CD to MP3 and THE UNIQUE DESIGN OF WINAMP.
              i hope you guys can dedicate a few hours every Saturday.

              PS: tanks so much for thousands of million trillions of hours of happiness
              hi From Mexico
              With LOVE: AlexLikeRock