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  • Missing Functions

    I am missing a couple of functions that I hope can be resolved. Honestly, I hope that I'm just temporarily blind and that I've missed these a check box or something. If these things are not available now, I would hope that they'd be easily fixed.

    When I was trying to customize quick keys, hot keys, or whatever you want to call them, I was looking for a restart the track function, but it isn't there. Or at least I didn't see it there.

    Is it possible that you can add this function if it isn't built in?

    The other two are as follows. When Winamp is minimized, I do not like that my quick keys automatically control Winamp. I use the spacebar is a play/pause key. When I'm typing, I get no spaces, but a whole lot of starting and stopping. It would be nice to make it to where it only works when Winamp is on top, or prioritized.
    Maybe I'm missing something in the settings though. If so, please point it out to me.

    The last thing is this. Is there a way to right click and copy a track so that I can have it numerous times in a playlist? Or am I always going to have to add the track over and over?