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I love winamp\shoutcast-radio, study c++, but...

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  • I love winamp\shoutcast-radio, study c++, but...

    hello, I am big fan of winamp, love it since first versions in 1990-es.
    I love winamp's:
    - extension of file formats support
    - visualization
    - skins
    - it is fast, and not so buggy\slow as itunes!
    - I love lyrics (karaoke-style) in winamp
    - fast mp3-tags editing
    - nice playlist management

    and I love shoutcast radio stations - it is better than of itunes, really! and free!


    few things are missing.
    1) mp3 database. it is strange, but you are missing the point of what is most important in library of mp3s.
    all songs I have on my computer, i manage using MP3 Illyrium manager 2000. it can rename files using tags, and back. plus add lyrics, and set timestamps. sure, winamp support it.
    but what is the point of all those id3 tags like:
    - artist
    - song title
    - album
    - track number
    - genre
    - year of song
    - has lyrics?
    - rating
    - my own tags (categories like in wikipedia)
    if winamp doesn't make automatic groups (tree-view style, like treeview in file-explorer) for these basic tags categories?

    so I wish winamp can automatically make categories based on id3 tags, and so that I can switch to
    - all artists
    and see a list of all artists on my pc
    - all songs
    and see all songs titles
    - all genres
    and that must be searchable!
    also make "favorites"
    also it could be great if I can write own comment "why I love this song or artist or not much and why? what I like and what not?" and if that can be posted to some database of all users - it is best. see site - it has millions of tests by users. so we can compare. if similarly all those mp3-songs info (tags, not only songs!) can be uploaded to internet, thus database of own songs can be easier synchronized... plus there are sites which detect songs... it could be like sites with antiviruses. for example site can get any file for upload, and test it with different antiviruses. so similarly, if different users have own mp3 libraries with mp3 id3 tags, that must be uploaded to internet free db, so then if someone finds a song with same track-length, or with same part of song (se site which detects song), thus song can be identified - its artist, year, title of song, genre etc. then everything will be well organized on everyone's winamp user's pc, all mp3 will have proper correct mp3 tags...
    that winamp can show all that in categories:
    - all artists
    - all songs/tracks
    - all genres etc
    if with pictures - even better. with lyrics - even better. with biography - even better with link to official \ fan websites of artists and their forums - even better...

    -2) I need shoutcast-radio-full-playlist integration into winamp... i noticed that winamp doesn't want to make playlist freely available on internet. no problem. do like itunes do - integrate a playlist inside winamp, and let it be updates automatically everytime update of stations happen. ideally winamp should show name of playing track/song, for every internet station.

    -3) also i need bluetooth integration in winamp for local mp3 and for shoutcast radio stations. bluetooth is for my bluedio headphoes etc or for bluetooth wireless speakers. these devices have buttons like "next track", "previous track", and "volume up\down", "play\pause" etc... (ideally they must have some small screen, like that which can be bought on aliexpress for some 5$ only with 17 millions colors).

    so, I want that when I click on headphones " next\previous, winamp should go to next radio station\previous etc. I must be able to press pause, volume up\down on wireless bluetooth headphones\speakers, so that I can remotely do what I need for best music experience. say, I often have to do cleaning in my room. bluetooth headphones is the only best motivator. unfortunately, android is not so cool, as my mobile phone has only 16 gb memory on card, and it will discharge too fast, not good. so better use stationary desktop pc/laptop with full library of mp3 on my ssd\hdd, wih all categories, all those hundreds of Gigabytes of music\audiobooks\lectures\preaching classes etc.
    same applies to winamp-tv-channels.

    -4) also if you, winamp\shoutcast can become a hardware company, which can make hardware mp3 players plus hardware internet radio provider - it could be cool. say, think like google does. they provide search at google com for free. but there is ad. and people pay so much for that, and google earn. if you provide your radio stations for free - cool. i don't mean add ads there. but make a hardware devices, which and only which support winamp shoutcast full directory of internet radio stations, (unlike itunes there must be also free version - integrated into winamp - all those internet stations), but for more experience i am ready to pay some 100$ to get cool "hardware internet radio receiver (shoutcast)", which works only with shoutcast, but it is cool - if there are hundreds of thousands of stations - 86,803 stations - it is much cooler than that FM radio receiver with some 30 stations only, which have unlimited ads always, and are boring already.
    you understand what i mean? I had back in 2000-es cool hardware mp3 player iRiver iHP-120 with 20 GBytes HDD inside, and I had it with me everywhere. I loved mp3 on it, I listened to music on pc, used illyrium manager to organize all that, and copied trough usb to my mp3 player. now time is different especially here in Ukraine, I have even optical internet in village. but I don't have good radio still... people want ot have android-tv, apple-tv, but still didn't make good internet radio... so please, winamp+shoutcast-radio - make a internet-radio revolution... if you don't like making own devices - then make at least android winamp+shoutcast-radio, so that i can play any internet radio station... but make it not buggy. unfortunately my phone is slow for internet, uncharging too fast, and hanging... so better make own specialized device based on android, which has nothing unnecessary, only access to shoutcast-internet-radios. with good easy switching between tracks, next-prev, volume up\down, pause\play. and favorites must be there! it must have some memory for that... and with bluetooth please!

    -5) also. by the way, as i am studying programming. i think you can try making your site shoutcast using asp net mvc... it can be used even to make internet-shop, so for website like shoutcast it is ok, i think. then it can be easily i believe integrated with winamp's playlist of all radio-stations of shoutcast...

    -6) also as a student of c++ (now i am on 2nd semester n computer academy), I want to ask, if you maybe not are going to make it yourself, can I expect that you provide some tools\sdks etc to make all that I described above - so that I make it myself? most of all i only need a list of all radio-stations from shoutcast, and tht shoud be integrated into winamp. so clicking "prev\next" must switch fast between different inet-radio-stations in one category\genre... also must be button to switch to other genre fast. like button "next radio genre"... also must be buttons to add genres\statkions to favorites, and switch only among favorites\among all in category.
    also if can be random access any radio station among those 90 000 station - can be cool feature ;-)
    also I want mode like it was in my iRiver ihp-120 mp3 hardware player... mode is called "intro"... just player will play some first 30 seconds (plus minus, can be set by user) of every track, of every mp3 radio station. if that's cool - user must be able to press button on bluetooth headphones\speakers to add to favorites. etc etc..
    so many thing can be done... i don't see much activity, why?
    (by the way, for motivation for c++ programming i listen to metal radio stations ;-) but i also like mantras, meditation, healing, new age, indian dance, bollywood, spiritual, new-age)...

    p.s. oh yes, i even wrote some small poetry verse about winamp in russian. have to see on my hdd where is it ;-)