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ID3 tagger formatting based on folder / genere

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  • ID3 tagger formatting based on folder / genere

    Ok. I've searched high and low. There are tons of auto ID3 taggers out there. They go through all your MP3's and re-tag them based by the artist and song title in the filename.

    Like "Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf.mp3" would result in a MP3 tagged like "Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf". Nice and simple, not to mention it saves you a lot of keyboard time, esp. for those of you with large MP3 collections.

    The problem is, I like my MP3's sorted by genere. So I put 80's songs in a folder named '80s' and rock songs in a folder named 'rock'. I tag the MP3's like this "Rock - Metallica - Turn the Page". Makes great lists when all the tracks are sorted by genere. I accidentally used an "intelligent" (hah) ID3 tagger to tagg all my non-tagged MP3's. But it renamed all the tagged ones too... ARGH! So all my formating got wasted.

    It got me thinking though. Why go back and re-tagg each one by hand? Why not have a ID3 tagger that could tagg them in the following format <folder name> - <artist name> - <song title>?

    I looked to see if there were any bright programmers out there who had implemented this, but there are none as far as I can tell.

    Does anyone know of an ID3 tagger app that can format ID3 taggs like this?

    If that fails, is there anyone who wants to aid me in coding such an app? (I have about two years of C++ coding under my belt - no laughter please).

    Anywho, thanks for your time - I know this is rather wordy.

    Guy Montag