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DJ Union Radio Network- Web Based Shoutcast Server Management System

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  • DJ Union Radio Network- Web Based Shoutcast Server Management System

    This is an update email to let you know about some cool new features at the DJ Union. As most of you guys know we now offer shoutcast servers for broadcasters, dj's, record labels, schools, churches, and more.

    Steve Teter our genius system administrator, has finally finished the long awaited "Shoutcast Automation Tools".

    These tools will ease the needs on the broadcaster side for having a DSL or Cable modem for the source stream. Users can now upload to our server, and stream from the server.

    DJ Union Shoutcast Servers Include

    1. A New Easy to use Web Based User Intrerface for:

    a) Automated Real-Time Paypal Payment and Server Set Up
    b) Playlist Modification
    c) Hard Drive Space On the Urbancolo Servers (Hard Drive space based on your plan)
    d) Web Based MP3 Uploads
    e) Server Config Editing f) MRTG User Readings
    f) Manage ICECAST Server & Shoutcast Servers
    g) Complete

    We are also licensing our software for other shoutcast streaming service providers.

    Sign Up Now
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    Please don't crosspost.

    Discussion continued here.


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      Great server and solid. easy web based manager and great tools.


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        Thanks Viberadio

        Thanks for the post, and glad you like the server.
        DJ Union Staff