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"Now playing" HOWTO?

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  • "Now playing" HOWTO?

    I have been unsuccessful in getting the 'now playing' listing on to work and am wondering what the trick is. I've read the docs, forums, etc but nothing that has been mentioned seems to work.
    In conjunction with that is the fact that the clients (winamp) aren't getting the currently playing song listed on them either. I wouldn't be surprised at all if these are both caused by the same source but I'll be damned if I have been able to figure it out.
    I know that it can work because I've seen it work.... but HOW???

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    There are other programs that may work for you that do the same thing. Try these two websites for more information...

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      you need the new shoutcast DSP Plugin,,
      and once intalled, in Server Details , enable Song Title and URL Streaming to AUTO.
      and that's it!
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      free shoutcast scripts:


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        I've got the DSP plugin config'd as mentioned and it's been that way since day one. Still no go. I've fiddled with to no avail and returned to original state. It's still not working. Such is life, I suppose.