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Ahhhh a new problem,,

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  • Ahhhh a new problem,,

    Well the problem of not being listed, and of Winamp
    crashing seems to have gone away when I upgraded to the new
    version, even tho I had heard that the new version was
    unstable, however it's more stable on my
    dual 500 celeron system than the older version.
    Now for the new problem, people clicking on my web page
    link, opens there player and they can listem to the music
    however the link on shoutcast does not work.

    here are the two links,



    where does that filename.pls come from.?

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    Both links loaded up, and streamed just fine for me. Not sure what type of problem your having. Your station buffered & played from both of those links!


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      additional info

      the problem seems to be isolated to those using Real Player.


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        Donald, I never noticed this before (probably because it hasn't caused any (significant)problems here), but I checked and this happens to every stream. I have tried looking for an answer in the shoutcast mailing list, but their whole lay-out is messed up tonight, so I can't read the messages. I did get some search-results though, so you may want to check it out yourself and see if you can get everything to display properly without showing half of the HTML-code. I think this link should work.

        [edit}Hmm I found this in the Shoutcast FAQ:

        L2. I'm having problems tuning in with RealPlayer
        Answer: RealPlayer does not support the full gamut of SHOUTcast stations. For
        optimal listening, download and install the Winamp audio player for Windows
        ( or one of the other recommended players listed in
        the online documentation.[/edit]

        [Edited by Rinibin on 12-28-2000 at 06:16 PM]


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          Unless you install a RealPlayer script to your website. A standard shoutcast link will not work for RealPlayer. They must have a true MP3 Player like WinAmp & UltaPlayer.

          I have a script on my site that does work with RealPlayer.