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Dual Line-in streaming?

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  • Dual Line-in streaming?

    I thought this was possible and I have yet to find a solution for it. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

    I have a program that enters Winamp via the line-in jack on my sound card. I wish to stream this at two different bitrates to my designated servers (L365 for now). I am able to get the first instance of Winamp to work without a hitch. I can't make a second copy work. Whether I use a second instance of Winamp or a DSP stacker I get a sounddev error.

    I've tried both the Netshow and FHG professional codec without much success. I've also did a sweep of the online help files and only found references to MP3 playing, not live input via the line in jack.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    I don't know to much about this subject however, dual linein's may require two Full Duplex capable soundcards.


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      Line-in streaming multiple bitrates

      Howdy... I'm having the exact same problem. One sound card, one input coming in via line-in jack on the card. One instance of Winamp streams perfectly, but bringing up a second gives me "error opening sounddev!". Tried DSP stacker as well as multiple instances, still no luck.

      Any help would be great...

      Mike Newcomb
      General Manager
      WWPI Campus Radio


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        It really sounds like a sub standard sound card. I use a Creative Labs Live card. I have no problems with duel bitrates & Usinging the line-in.


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          Your soundcard doesn't capable of handling multiple inputs. So in effect what happens is the first application which uses the soundcard puts an exclusive lock on it disallowing other apps from accessing it.

          I use a Soundblaster Live!, a Turtle Beach Daytona, and a Turtle Beach Montego II. None of these exhibit that particular annoyance (which my previous Soundblaster did).



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            Same card but still have the error

            I'm using the Montego II as well, but I still get the sounddev error. That makes no sense to me if you have it working.


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              If you haven't already, try going to their site and downloading the most current drivers.

              I'm also doing this under Win NT 4.0, so that might have something to do with it as well.



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                Don't think it's the soundcard...

                Hey all,

                Thanks for the suggestions. However, we are using the SB Live! soundcard. I just reformatted the server to Win2000 Server last night, and Windows just installed its own drivers. Perhaps there are more recent ones on Creative's website.

                Other than that... any other ideas? I'm really stuck. Thanks!

                Mike Newcomb
                General Manager
                WWPI Campus Radio


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                  Oh brother,

                  It is possible...First off, download the DSP stacker from Spacial Audio @ and extract it your Winamp/plugin directory. Second, go into the plugin directory, copy your SC_DSP.DLL and on the SECOND copy of it, rename it to SC_DSP2.DLL and then goto Winamp/DSP/and Select the Spacial Audio DSP Stacker and input both of the Shoutcast DSP Plugins and adjust the Bitrate under both of the plugins (ie. I have one at 56K and the other at 24K) and make sure to connect both of them to your upstream and away you go, one source, dual bitrates, same music!

                  Hope this helps!

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                    Figured it out... sort of

                    Hey everyone,

                    Thanks for all of your help. ALTERadio, that is what we were trying; I've been attempting to use DSP stacker all along. We have our two streams working; it was a combination of two problems:

                    1) Had not installed the linerec:// plugin correctly, so the SHOUTcast DSP was actually set to advanced recording mode using line-in, which only one stream at a time can do. Installed the Winamp line-in plugin and switched to that, and it started working.

                    2) Then we got a new ACM error. Although all the sites I have found have the same codec(FHG Radium Professional), and they all state you can stream multiple bitrates with it, ours won't. We installed the Professional and the Advanced codecs, and each stream uses one of them. Trying to use the Professional codec for both streams would not work; does anyone know where the REAL codec that can stream multiple broadcasts is?

                    Thanks again to everyone for their suggestions...


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                      Well, you can always BUY it.

                      Of course, it's $200.

                      It would be really cool if the folks at Winamp cut a licensing deal, and could sell a version of it online - I mean, if it was $30, you'd probably buy it right?


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                        By the way - make sure you REMOVE the advanced codec and use only the professional version. That may be your problem. Control Panels -> Multimedia -> Devices -> Audio Codecs


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                          Thank you

                          Yep, we had removed the codec from there. We will probably just buy the codec.

                          Thanks to all for their help!