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how many songs is enough?

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  • how many songs is enough?

    i'm not actually interested in starting my own shoutcast server, but i was curious about the number of songs that your radio station plays/has. anyone got an answer?

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    150 or so, generally as long as you can pull through a work day without repeats people stay happy, too many songs and greater chance that you will alienate your audience.
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      ok, that sounds about what i figured. my next question is: how many mp3's is considered to be a "big collection"? 5,000? 10,000?


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        I don't know. However, I have imported most of the songs I can find into my Sam2 and without sorting them and deleting duplicates it numbers:

        However it is probably more like 1200-1250 without the duplicates

        Of course, i have to remove some of them and whatnot. But I think I ahve a fairly large collection.

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          For my station, I have 392 for Jazz and 290 for Hip-Hop

          It really doesn't matter how many songs ya have. As long as your content is good and doesn't repeat like FM stations do.

          John Shumate - Owner of High Tech Entertainment


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            yeah, I've got around 500 songs, and a little over 24 hours of music, with SAM2 I use strict rotation rules. I've recenly been deleting a lot of music I didnt feel belonged on my playlist, and even though it gives me less music, the music I have is goodquality, and keeps listeners.
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              Is there an easier way to store these hundreds of mp3s? I have a small collection. About 200 without my other CDS ripped and added to the playlists. BUT how do I store these things? Do I buy a server? And if I stored music on a server, how would I go about playing them/broadcasting from a server?

              Im guessing the server is kinda like a file manager on, and my playlists just refer to songs on the server. Hope Im right..

              Secondly, Is there anywhere I can go to download independant artists really quickly?


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                Just buy like a 200 GB hard drive and install it on your computer for just your music, that's what I do.

                You can't just download and play unsigned music, that can get you sued, you need to have their written (or typed) permission.
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                  that actually isnt a bad idea. I just might start savin for that!


                  p.s. your station rocks


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                    Thank you soup The nice comments are always appreciated

                    Right now, on my "radio machine" I have a 10 GB hard drive, which holds my personal files, Windows files, all that good stuff. Then I have a 20 GB that holds my music, my SAM2 files, and all my audio tools.

                    I'm not even using 50% of the 20gb hard drive either, so you could probably get away with starting with a 40GB, or 80 if you're looking a little bit into the future.
                    yeah, i'm back.


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                      awesome, thanks for the tips guys, really helpfull. Ive got a really small station right now. REALLY Small. I mean it. Like, virtually NO listeners LOL.

                      ive gotta lengthen my broadcasts and get more artists, as well as recruit some djs etc. Im shooting for 24/7, but we'll see


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                        Well, up until a week ago I had a max of 20 listeners, and then my traffic shot up thanks to another station helping me.

                        I ran 24/7 on a 1.47 ghz 224mb ram , shared with 3 people.

                        I run 24/7 now on a 700mhz P3 with 256 mb ram, which I also use for websurfing and all that good stuff.

                        It isnt that hard, just gott make the commitment to it. just hang in there
                        yeah, i'm back.


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                          yeah, thats all I really care about right now is music variety, and LISTENERS.


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                            Originally posted by protegechris

                            I'm not even using 50% of the 20gb hard drive either, so you could probably get away with starting with a 40GB, or 80 if you're looking a little bit into the future.

                            am I overdoing it ???
                            i have 160GB in this system and about 100 gb of it contains music.
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                              No such thing as enough. The more the better. Not that it's all full but I have over 250 gb inline on my network and I'd like to add one more PC and at least another 80 - 160 Gb for more storage and backups.

                              The b**tch is backing up all that music onto CD in case any of the drives blow up (which eventually happens). I have to buy at least one spool of CD's and this next time probably two - but the backups mean I'll never lose the music library nor any of the thousands of properly named, tagged and optimized files.
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