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Can't get streams to play

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  • Can't get streams to play

    I can't get any ShoutCast streaming audio to play on WinAmp unless I manually insert the URL. RealPlayer does play the same stream OK. I've tried uninstalling RealPlayer and even though the .pls & .xpl files are associated with WinAmp, they will not begin to play. I've been able to get WinAmp to launch, but it just sits there. Reinstalling WinAmp did not help. What am I doing wrong?

    Also, should I be able to play straming audio from with WinAmp?

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    Go Under Options/Prefrences in Winamp and reclaim the File Association. RealPlayer is the worst player in the world, the biggest load of crap that ever hit the market. And it's a pig when it comes to File Associations.

    Hope that helps!

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      I've tried that and have been able to get WinAmp to launch when I click on a ShoutCast link, but that all it does. It shows the item in the playlist but never goes any further. No buffering, no audio - nothing.



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        I have exactly the same problem, but with IE only.

        When I "tune in" using Netscape, I am asked if I want to launch winamp or download the file. If I choose the winamp option it works fine.

        I am using Win98.

        My work computer using WinNT does not have the same problem. Winamp launches properly from explorer.