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  • DAMN MS!

    a couple of weeks ago I managed to get the stacker working with multiple dsps.. last week i installed the latest (not greatest) windows media player or whatever they call it this time around. Now I can't stream the sumbitches. I even reinstalled the radium codec.. Now i'm getting ticked.. If anyone else has had this problem.. and hopefully a solution.. please share.
    IBIG - Relax.

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    sumbitch.. i uninstalled wmp. did't seem to make a diff (but hey now it doesn't come up in some annoying visualization rip off window) .. and then i uninstalled the radium (i installed it 2 or 3 times) and that seem to make a difference .. its not listed in add/remove anymore either.. so oh well.. my problem seems to be fixed for now.

    now if i could find affordable relays.

    one more quick question..
    50 streams @ 56kbps .. what is the total monthly usage?

    i'd like to see the formula on this, and maybe i did the math right for a change ;D
    IBIG - Relax.


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      50 streams * 56 kbps (it's one second i think ) * 60 seconds (it's one min now ) * 60 (one hour) * 24 (one day) * 30 (days) = (wait i'll open my calc ) = ...

      = whoa! 120,960,000 kbytes = equals 120 gigs . heh yo must have really good connection :>>


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        I did the same thing with the new MediaPlayer. I had whipe my drive and reinstall again. I never looked into any other way to cure this. I needed a reinstall at the time bad. I will never use MediaPlayer again.


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          hmm sumbitch.. so 10GB a month just wont cover it :\
          IBIG - Relax.