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broadcasting songs downloaded from a pay site.

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  • broadcasting songs downloaded from a pay site.

    Hello, i've searched and read about this but can't seem to find the real or correct answer. when you pay for a site to download mp'3 is okay to broacast them? I've paid for the site, So doesn't this mean I've paid?

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    No, it's not okay for you to broadcast mp3 files you paid for.

    the laws forbid playing copyrighted music.
    depending on your local laws you have to pay for playing copyrighted music.

    use forum search function to find several other threads about this topic.
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      okay so how do i pay for the songs? and just a question, how do other sites on the web get their music? I'm not trying to be a jerk just, wanting to do the right thing


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        This page explains a fair bit


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          Hey then are we allowed to play music we got from like cd's or do we still have to do that thing?


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            No, you paid for the music for YOUR personal use, you haven't paid the artists to broadcast it to anyone else.
            You don't own the royalties on the music, the artists do, you have to gain their permission to play it to anyone else.


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              Sorry i am still confused.
              Say "no" if i still have to pay for the royalites if i use cds for my radio.

              Say "yes" if i don't have to pay royalites for using cds on my radio.
              Thanx and sorry for my stupidity.


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                You have to pay the artists to redistribute their music, effectively broadcasting is redistribution.


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                  ok, thanx that clears it up, i went to the site but i can't find a place where i can get a license.. please help. Thanx again


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                    do a search for licensing in these forums,,

                    again its been discussed many times before

                    licensing is expensive and most of the broadcasters on shoutcast dont have one,,unless you or daddy is very rich then i expect you wount get 1 either

                    live 365 and swcast offer licensing but reports i have heard wouldnt make me spend my money with them on there service

                    heres some info if its any use to you from our forums
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                      supposevly (what i have heard from others) if i own a radio that gets 10 or less listeners only, doesn't play illegal music, and is completely non-profit, is it true that i don't have to pay for a big expensive license? cause em.. i'm only like 12 and i can't really afford like 2 grand..


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                        if you play music of any kind u will need the permission of the owners,

                        and we cannot say you are safe from the licensing authorities regardless of how fewer listeners you have or how much you dont earn from the site,,,
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                          Are iam logged in ....???

                          Seems so. (I use the quick replay)

                          I agree with the opinions of many replays here about the license.
                          Depending where your stream starts from. You need to get different licenses.

                          For non-commercials are there cheap licenses and for commercials it depends if you also do a livabroadcasting On-Air simular to your stream on the internet.

                          To get the license costs you have to check the BIEM partner in your country that can grand you the license to reproduce & broadcast copyrighted contents. You can also ask your local music store for contact information. They wil help you with pleasure because they know you come back to buy contents for your show

                          Usual it is afortable to get a license & you can keep the costs low by a trick.

                          Cheap it can be to spare the copy costs, by use legal downloaded music that are on your PC. This is because most ask a license for copy the music on your PC to.

                          Most download services grand you permanent acces to the music you payed, so you not even need a backup on CD.

                          It is always alowed to make a backup on CD, but when you place it back on your PC it can be that you avoid the duplication rule. So best is Download & keep on HDD or direct play from CD with use of a mixer.

                          Just my thoughts about this topic.



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                            In the US, it is necessary to pay royalties on copyrighted music whether or not you are non-profit, and regardless of the number of listeners. So Hipartgirl14, the answer to your question is both yes... and no. You need licensing to be legal, however it's not as expensive as you think.

                            I've been using LoudCity and I am very pleased. They do all the required reporting/paperwork and license me with ASCAP, SESAC, BMI and SoundExchange all for a low monthly charge. Customer service is very responsive. I can play whatever I want on my station, host my stream wherever I choose, and I am legal. Peace of mind :-) Hope this helps answer your question.
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                              Hey Thanx dotme, eek it's 20$ a month... crap i can't afford that! Well the radio biz is more expensive than i thought