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Twittercast: Shoutcast / Icecast Song Title To Twitter Status PHP Script

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  • i have it running on 7.4.7 without any issues that i know of... i can only assume it would also work on 8.0.. but not tested.


    • Ok cool,

      I checked the modules for PHP 7.4 and have all 3 installed.


      I have some issues to take care off, when I run shoutcast.php I get

      Error 503 Backend fetch failed
      Backend fetch failed

      Guru Meditation:
      XID: 5342615

      Varnish cache server


      Web Servers: nginx-varnish-apache

      I have a cron job setup in CentOS Web Panel
      sitename php -q /home/site/public_html/twittercast/twitter.php that runs every 5 minutes.


      I'm probably missing something.
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      • 503 sounds like a permissions problem or web server misconfiguration... did you set up an app and get api info from twitter developer site?


        • Yes, I set up a new app in twitter dev console..

          App Permission: Read and write and Direct message
          App Environment: Publication.

          I contacted the data-center and they said it looks like the vanish cache was misconfigured.
          Altho it was an automatic switch when I changed the web server to nginx-varnish-apache.

          I'll try it again.


          I got it working with the shoutcast.php file

          Will there be any issues with too many requests to the server?
          I'm gonna set this script to auto-tweet every 10 or 15 minutes.

          I want to use it for several other streams - auto-tweet to the same twitter account.
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          • Just to add,

            For a cron job in CentOS Web Panel I used:
            */5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/site/public_html/twittercast/ambient/shoutcast.php

            Or if you don't want to run your own cron:
            I also tried to run shoutcast.php every 5 mins, that worked too
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            • yea im pretty sure cron isn't the issue here... have a look at your php and web server error log files...


              • I got it working in the end thanks
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                • I had another idea, what about hosting the files free on Git.
                  Then pinging shoutcast.php with FreshPing or UpTimeRobot.
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