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Adding Files After Every 6 Tracks

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  • Adding Files After Every 6 Tracks

    I run a online radio station I want to add stations ids after every 6 tracks or a track that is 30min or longer & the station ids need to be played randomly anybody know how I can do this???

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    Anybody know how to do this


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      I use Ots AV - I don't broadcast with it, but, with a lot of tweaking, even the free version could (can't buy it, as they have an aversion to debit cards) - if your files are MP3 or WAV, they will work unconverted in Ots - WMA would need to be converted to Ots files.

      Works excellent with karaoke files - but has issues with Vista - karaoke CDGs need to be ripped in before they will play - download Ots Studio as well.

      You can put any individual file in almost any number of genres that you can define yourself - put your own jingles in a file labelled Jingles - if, for example, you wanted to play an evening of disco music and have jingles, you can create a playlist that runs for, for example, three hours, that will go through your music files and find those labelled Disco - you can exclude certain other genres like Classical or whatever - there's a thing underneath where you can get it to generate jingles every so many items (the max is four, I believe).

      The drawback is that the free version keeps saying "Ots AV" every so many items - you can make it do it as frequently or as infrequently as you wish - on the free version, you cannot disable it altogether.
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        google for station playlist or tabascos amazing clockwheel
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          Any free programs


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            i thought tabasco's was free?
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              It is. Its a pain in the ass to set new rules that dont involve time though.

              Also try Mambo Jambo Playlist from oddsock.

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