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SHOUTcast Transcoder 2 Beta 6

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  • SHOUTcast Transcoder 2 Beta 6

    Hi All!
    The SHOUTcast team is pleased to present you the latest Shoutcast Transcoder beta drop.

    Download Link >>

    Release Notes :: 2/3/2010 - sc_trans drop 6 version 2 revision 39


    - A new type of event as been added to the calendaring system that allows you to relay other stations. (see calendarxml.txt for more information)

    - You can now create your playlists dynamically in real time. A new playlist entry construct will allow the invocation of an external program to fetch the next playlist entry (see docs.txt section 10)

    - You can change the way your metadata is displayed in clients (this comes with lots of caveats though). See the new displaymetadatapattern conf file option (docs.txt)

    - In order to encode your stream in mp3, you need an MP3 license key. This is a legal requirement to comply with all broadcasting laws. You can grab the code and pay the $5 license fee here:

    - The conf file values unlockkeyname and unlockkeycode have been added to suport the MP3 broadcasting key.

    - /writeconfig command added to web API. This will force the state of sc_trans to be written to the conf file (before it was only being done with sc_trans exited. See docs.txt)

    - /timeshift command added to web API. This is very experimental and was added for the "We Choose The Moon" project at AOL. It allows extremely crude time shifting of the stream. (see docs.txt)


    - Shoutcast2 protocol changed for compatibility with sc_serv2

    - Network timing fudgefactor defaults are now zero for compatibility with sc_serv2

    - Special files always transfered on reconnect for uvox 2.1

    - Fixed problem parsing conf file, where last line was missed if there was no cr/lf at end of file

    - An empty main playlist will no longer cause the application to abort. It will just sit their quietly, mumbling to itself.

    - VU Meter failure after internal restart fixed

    - Better error reporting for shoutcast 1 protocol

    - Unix warnings about missing priority playlist directory are now debug level warnings

    - DJ data should be correctly escaped now.

    - In adding the relay feature it was necessary to rewrite a large portion of the metadata handling. Hopefully the metadata will now change more reliably when switching between scheduled sources.

    - Update title request had bad HTTP header line (how did I get away with that for so long)?

    Comments / bug reports / feedback / feature requests welcome and encouraged!

    - Neil and the SHOUTcast team.
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    Good news all round,

    Well done and a big thanks to the Shoutcast team,

    Im sure this will be a good discussion point.
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      Re: SHOUTcast Transcoder 2 Beta 6

      Originally posted by SC_faisal
      You can grab the code and pay the $5 license fee here:
      See attachement
      Either the value in the forums is wrong or the value in the "shop".

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        Re: Re: SHOUTcast Transcoder 2 Beta 6

        Originally posted by caraoge
        See attachement
        Either the value in the forums is wrong or the value in the "shop".
        Thanks for that! Fixed!

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          MP3 code

          I have bought a Digitally Rights Key if I this in config give I agree only meldung Unknown encoder type mp3
          to pour out here sometimes from mine config:
          ;; ENCODER OPTIONS
          unlockkeyname=my Name

          Error message: Unknown encoder type mp3

          sorry for mine in English, however, I hope you are able helps me
          Thank you
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            unlockkeyname should be exactly what you entered when you purchased the key. Case matters.



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              huhu neil
              I have written to you sometimes pn

              it does not go


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                Whats your native language?

                I think you won`t get any answers if you send an pm to somebody in the forums.
                Please post your questions here.

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                  It's okay, he's having a problem with the mp3 key and wanted to send it to me to check it.



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                    hallo Michael

                    deutsch das kann ich ganz gut !

                    Lucky (auch Michael)


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                      Hello, thanks for the updates (sc_trans2 and sc_serv2).

                      But, the sc_serv2 package doesn't come with an example conf file, and according to the docs.txt, it looks like on demand streaming is dropped? Can you verify that?

                      Also, what does a properly looking yp2 configuration look like between the two confs for sc_trans and sc_serv?

                      It would be nice to see some example .conf files to know what a proper setup looks like (specifically for serving multiple bitrates from one sc_serv from one sc_trans).

                      Thanks again for keeping shoutcast alive!


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                        I have a liscense as well and am getting the same error as above:

                        2010-02-25 23:15:50 E msg:[sourceAndEndpointManager] Unknown encoder type mp3


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                          There is apparently a problem with the key generation in the online store. Faisal is trying to sort it out. If you've purchased a key and it's not working, please let him know (SC_Faisal)



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                            Any ideas for the MP3-Key issue? I have the same problem (Unknown encoder type mp3) :-(


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                              Can we get a status update? We paid for keys, so it would be nice to be able to /use/ the software.