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Stream random station from preset list, via URL (pls/m3u)?

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  • Stream random station from preset list, via URL (pls/m3u)?

    I was looking into the possibility of streaming a random Shoutcast station, much like the built-in "Play a random station" link (, but with the ability to choose which stations are played (say, 5 different stations).

    I reckon there might be a way to do this in Winamp or some other media player, but I need to wrap this into a URL as I will be listening on my cell phone. A workaround that might work is if I set up a Shoutcast on my own computer with "redirects" or playlist entries that contain my desired radio stations, and then stream that output URL to my cell phone.

    Any idea how to do this? Thanksabunch!

    This is NOT for commercial reasons, I will use this solely for private use, on my own cell phone, as a wakeup alarm. So no fret

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    either of those options would work really. Pick your poision.
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      Ok, thanks.

      Any ideas on how or where to start? I am completely new to the broadcast aspect of SHOUTcast.

      How is the official random link generated? Since there's nothing I can put inside a playlist to shuffle the entries innately (i.e on playlist load, regardless of client software used), I'd probably have to do something server-side.


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        Have Shoutcast questions or suggestions? Want to help a fellow Shoutcaster or Listener? Come on in!

        This would be where to start, a lot of good resources here. 89.1 FM San Diego


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          Thanks, Brutish. I'll start reading right away.

          EDIT: Aight, so, I've managed to set up the stream, but the sound is crackling, even if I set it to 200kbps. Same results with SAM Broadcaster and foobar2000/edcast. If I compare to other streams on the web, mine sounds really bad.
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            I would take it down to somewhere between the 32kbps to 128 kbps range.

            Keep in mind that CD's are recorded at 128 kbps.

            with that being said, If I copied a VCR tape to DVD, would it improve quality? No it will only make the imperfections from the first recording more apparent.

            Similar rules apply with the stream. Also keep in mind your max bandwidth is going to determine how many listeners you can have on your stream, as bandwidth usage is consistent.

            so If I have 8 listeners at 200kbps, that a little under 1mbps up. (your comp is a server when using SC_serv, your now uploading files, just consistently, thats what bandwidth usage is in streaming)
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              Also, I would recommend Using your audio processing features on winamp. THIS is what makes winamp great. use those sound processors to push sound out.
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                Guys thanks alot for helping me out. My stream's running pretty good right now and I've set it up to switch station every 5 minutes