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  • Volume Control in Edcast

    Hi folks,
    I recently bought a new Windows 7 ready computer. I am an online DJ who uses edcast (a no longer supported 3rd party dsp plugin) as my broacasting plug in. My soundcard is a rocketfish 7.1 and has the latest drivers. I have learned a lot about setting up winamp for getting my broadcast back on the road but I am coming up against 2 very debilitating issues. To begin with I cannot control the master volume in edcast. With Windows XP I was always able to change the input for this plug in to "what you hear" and this meant that I could fully control the sound levels of the broadcast. Now with Windows 7 this option seems to be gone away and I am stuck with a permanently high broadcast volume that is clipping sound. Also since I do not have the "what you hear" option, when I turn on the mic in the edcast it dowses the music to a level that is lower than I would like and I do not seem to have any control over this either. My output is currently set to Audioburst but I had the same difficulties when it was set to the default. I thought it had to do with some master volume control, but if I am playing windows media player, that does not come through the edcast window at all. So I am looking for some link to a master control of the broadcast or alternative another broadcasting program that will do what edcast should. I appreciate any help with this, thank you all!

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    edcast doesn't work well with windows 7 ... yet ... be patient, and change is coming
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