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    I'm re-setting up sunbelt firewall rules in learning mode and running shoutcast server 1.9.8 locally. Can incoming ping, tracert, and otherICMP connections be used as a way of determining that "my.dynamic.ip.address" hasn't changed, or should they be considered a possible threat for an attack? These incoming connection's locations somewhat coincide with the actual connected listeners (scattered across the world). I'm assuming that these incoming connections are related to running local server, but not 100% certain of that fact.

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    I don't think that question is really clear. You can set a firewall not to to not respond to icmp requests like a ping. As far as I know, this might make you a little less vulnerable to DoS ping attack. I don't think it matters to shoutcast, the YP and the users. It could be a problem if you were trying to diagnose a connection.