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Live DJ delay and Live DJ buffer issues

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  • Live DJ delay and Live DJ buffer issues

    Issue #1) When a live DJ logs into the stream and starts streaming stopping the current music playing, the last 30 secs or so of the last live DJ broadcast plays and then it plays the current DJ.

    Issue #2) The lag between when a DJ speaks and when it is heard is between 1min and 1:30min. What config settings can i use to bring down this delay on the server side.

    Issue #3) When you do a search for the station on it displays "Now playing: " and a blank. Even though it displays properly on the index.html?sid=1 and /currentsong?sid=1 , what config setting do i need to set to pass properly to It worked fine before the update to sc_serv2

    Thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide.

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    1) what version of sc_trans (as i can only guess you might be using) are you running?

    2) that's expected and is how SHOUTcast works with there always being some sort of delay (which will vary based on network speeds, stream bitrates and a few other things).

    3) that depends on how your titles are formatted as any titles without a - in them will likely cause the site pages to fail even if it is correctly shown in the DNAS. also sometimes the site just isn't querying the details from the DNAS correctly or is being blocked and so will lead to it not being shown.

    additionally, it also depends a lot upon the versions of the v2 tools that you're using as there's been (and will be with the next releases) some changes to how the titles are generated which make it more v1 like to improve compatibility with the site scripts and other media players, etc.

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      I'm running sc_trans_linux_12_14_2010.tar.gz.

      Due to my current issues: Currently I have a cron job that accesses the api to quit. Then I launch sc_trans everyday in the early am.

      The delay starts @ 22secs.

      -first DJ accessing the station is fine.
      -DJ Disconnects after show, the last 30sec gets cut off

      -music list recovers and plays

      -Next DJ accesses the station to stream
      -It streams the last 30-40 sec which was cut off of the last DJ. Then starts.

      The delay is now about 1min. And it gets worse throughout the day.

      Happens every time.

      Ideas? I'm going to turn off cross-fade next restart and see if it helps.


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        I don't know too much about the development aspects of SHOUTcast, but it almost seems like a temporary buffering file is not being properly cleared out as it should. Hence, when the new DJ finally connects, they get the last bit of the previous ...
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          there's been a few reports about that with sc_trans (hence getting clarification on the version used) though at the moment sc_trans is at the bottom of the list for dev time but it sounds right for it not to be clearing the buffer when it really should be. have added this thread to my list of ones to look into fixing but no idea when it'll be actioned.

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            Thanks for the input/insight. Is there anyway to access this "temp file" manually? (location?) Or a way to force a cleaning/purge of the temp file.

            Since this issue is not widespead. I'll offer up my operating environment which may shed more light:

            CentOS release 5.5 (Final) 2.6.18-194.17.4.el5xen (64bit) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

            If there is any other info I can submit, let me know.


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              it's all in internal memory buffers so there's no temp file you're going to be able to clear out.

              i've just pm'd you current development builds of the v2 tools to see if the issue still is there or not (i'm expecting it to be but i've changed and tinkered with random things since the last public release of sc_trans so i may have fixed it without knowing).

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