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SHOUTcast DNAS 2 RC (Build 27) 07/18/2011

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  • SHOUTcast DNAS 2 RC (Build 27) 07/18/2011

    Presenting the latest Release Candidate drop of the SHOUTcast DNAS server for broadcasters, developers and testers. This build is our latest GM release candidate and introduces new features as listed in the “Changes” section below, as well as addresses bugs reported in the previous BETA builds.

    This Release Candidate release is now available for the following platforms:
    • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit versions) (Windows 2000 and up)
    • Windows 64-bit (Windows XP64 and up)
    • Linux
    • Linux 64-bit
    • Mac OS X (Intel)
    • BSD 8.x


    You can download the updated version of the DNAS v2 from the direct downloads for the operating system version you require:


    Build 27 (07/18/2011):
    • Added ability to create, update and remove authhashes via the administrator summary page (accessed from admin.cgi?sid=0)
    • Added reporting of per-stream and total server listener counts on admin.cgi or admin.cgi?sid=0
    • Added 'streamw3clog' option for per-stream logging with fallback to 'w3clog' if not specified
    • Added 'faviconfile' and 'faviconmimetype' to allow for a local icon / image file to be served as the favicon.ico for the server webpages
    • Added 'robotstxtfile' to allow for a local robots.txt to be served as the robots.txt for the server
    • Added supporting features for in-stream artwork (related to March 2011 protocol changes) with online verions viewable via 'admin.cgi?mode=art&sid=#' for admins to check (see documentation for usage)
    • Added /stats?sid=# to allow easier access to the stream information (this mirrors admin.cgi?sid=#mode=viewxml&page=1) and is the effective replacement of 7.html
    • Added 'hidestats' to allow disabling of the new /stats?sid=# mode (see documentation for usage)
    • Added 'admin.cgi?mode=rotate' and SIGHUP support to rotate 'logfile', 'w3clog' and 'streamw3clog' whilst sc_serv is running (see documentation for usage)
    • Added ability to restart a kicked relay source via the administration pages
    • Added 'relayconnectretries' to control how many times a relay attempts to reconnect to the specified source before it is failed
    • Added a 5 second refresh delay when 'admin.cgi?mode=reload' is used and results in changes to source connections / relays unlikely to be displayed immediately
    • Added back clickable link support for IRC stream entries on the administration pages only if the IRC stream entry begins with irc://
    • Added UNIQUELISTENERS to admin.cgi?mode=viewxml to complement REPORTEDLISTENERS (as the server status pages display)
    • Added STREAMPATH to admin.cgi?mode=viewxml for pages 0, 1 and 6 to show the 'streampath' of the specified stream configuration otherwise will output /stream/<sid>/
    • Changed the ban action for connected clients on the administation pages to also kick the client connection used for the ban action
    • Changed accessing stream and root urls (i.e. http://ip:Port or http://ip:Port/stream/1) in a browser to show the html pages (index.html) instead of providing the stream (replicates v1 DNAS behaviour)
    • Changed the /listen* handling to improve auto-filling of the server IP in the generated playlist files
    • Changed the /listen* handling to attempt to provide a title much like the YP generated playlist files instead of just an address
    • Changed the delimiter in file paths read from the configuration file to be converted to the correct format for the OS being used
    • Changed the admin.cgi?mode=viewxml action to return a slimmer xml response compared to prior builds (to save more bandwidth)
    • Changed the rotate action to reset the 1 day delay until the next automatic rotation if a rotate is manually run
    • Changed how the SHOUTcast Directory metadata puller / tester is handled in client statistics to no longer skew listener totals
    • Changed how the version of the DNAS is reported to make it more like the v1 DNAS as well as fixing it not being reported in some error response
    • Removed REPORTEDLISTENERS from admin.cgi?mode=viewxml for pages 0 and 1 as it duplicated the CURRENTLISTENERS entry
    • Removed POINTER from admin.cgi?mode=viewxml for page 3 as it duplicated the UID entry
    • Removed direct support for specifying 'relayport' and 'relayserver' (though if found then they are mapped to streamrelayurl against streamid=1 and will be removed if using configrewrite=1)
    • Fixed 'autodumpsourcetime' and 'streamautodumpsourcetime' not being applied correctly especially if either were set to 0
    • Fixed usage of 'streampath' in the listen playlists generated to ensure the formed playlist entry will work where possible for client connections
    • Fixed connection issues with YP directory listings when no 'streampath' is specifed (now ensures /stream/<sid>/ is set as the path so connections will be made against the correct stream)
    • Fixed some client connection issues when 'streampath' has been specifed (could lead to sid=1 being played even if the streampath_2 was attempted)
    • Fixed non-english title compatibility with v1 sources i.e. titles with accented characters, was leading to title issues (also affected legacy DNAS builds)
    • Fixed some specific stream configuration issues with not all values being correctly mapped to the expected stream configuration
    • Fixed 'admin.cgi?mode=viewlog' to escape the log file contents correctly so appears correctly in the html output
    • Fixed issues with 'admin.cgi?mode=reload' where it could cause a lockup (non-Windows versions), caused incorrect removal of a configuration groups, source password changes not always applied, relays not being updated or started in all cases
    • Fixed logfile not being correctly set if no config file is passed but a selection is then made from the list shown
    • Fixed kicking and banning not working in some cases
    • Fixed issues handling invalid stream id values on source counnection attempts
    • Fixed crash when attempting to use configuration groups where 'streamrelayurl' contains an url
    • Fixed incorrect loading of some v1 DNAS boolean based configiruation options
    • Fixed 'allowrelay=0' from preventing connection attempts to be made to the YP directory when there is no relay
    • Fixed crash when changing a stream's authhash and then doing a configuration reload
    • Fixed 'include' not working with some relative file paths e.g. include=sc_serv_debug.conf when include=.\sc_serv_debug.conf worked
    • Fixed listen.m3u not always providing a valid stream url especially when using 'streampath'
    • Fixed 'configrewrite' to no longer write some old / invalid configuration options when enabled
    • Other miscellaneous code changes, crash fixes, improvments and related documentation updates

    Getting Started

    If you already have a running instance of the DNAS v2 then there should not be any issues with replacing your current version with this new version.

    If this is a new install then make sure to read through the information in 'docs\getting_started.txt' along with the example configuration files provided in this new version which should make it easier to get started. Alternatively you should consider looking at the configuration builder which is included in the 'config_builder' folder.

    Finally, all copies of the documentation can also be found online at

    Reporting Issues

    If you do come across an issue with the DNAS v2, then please do post in this thread with as much information as possible about what you're doing at the time, the system you are using and anything else which will make it easier to understand what is or isn't going on with your install.

    Posts relating to authhash management issues will be ignored as this is not the thread for posting such issues.

    Known Issues

    The following are known issues with the v2 DNAS raised in previous releases but not currently fixed / fully confirmed as needing to be fixed (i.e. intended behaviour):
    • If the external IP is bound to a different device than the primary on the machine then the server will not work as expected (e.g. eth1 instead of eth0)
    • Listing a relayed stream when using the YP2 mode is known to not work and will return a 474 error code from the attempt to connect to the YP. Setting the server as non-public or using the v2 DNAS in legacy mode (yp2=0) will allow the stream to be listed but means you lose all of the YP2 features. This requires a YP update which is planned to happen soon after this release.
    • Some characters in titles (usually below ascii value 32) will cause the DNAS to drop the source connection as the title is processed. This will not be changed in the DNAS and will instead require sources to ensure they send titles without invalid titles. The Transcoder and Source DSP will be receiving these updates soon.

    Additional Information

    Windows versions of the DNAS v2 are built with a dependency against the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package. If sc_serv is unable to start due to a dependency issue then you will need to install the correct version of the package so it can run which depends on the version of sc_serv you are attempting to run:

    32-bit -
    64-bit -

    Discussion about the previous version of the server including changelogs can be found in the following threads
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  • #2
    For those not wanting to read through the hefty changelog, this release has a large number of fixes, additions and overall improvements over the prior v2 DNAS releases which should resolve most of the issues reported and make certain behaviours more like the v1 DNAS to simplify migrating to a v2 setup especially for some of the additional tools people have been using).

    Most important of all the changes is the ability to create your own authhash via the administration pages. More information on how this can be done can be found in the wiki ->

    There are still some issues with the v2 platform (e.g. relaying, random disconnects, unable to update now playing information in the listings) which should be resolved with an upcoming YP update which from the lucky few testing things has made the v2 DNAS stable in usage. This YP update will be done soon.

    Finally a thank you to Spacial who have been running the v2 DNAS in production for a while now (which this build a continuation off) and also to the numerous kind people who've put up with testing out development builds of the DNAS to help fix / improve it since the last release.

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    • #3
      Throwing another known issue in there, the configs reference ban and rip files, (which are enabled in the basic config), that the installer doesn't create, which has been an issue for a very long time

      Solution: Create them yourself!


      • #4
        SugarD-x: there's no reason for the installer to try to create those files as the DNAS will do that itself only if there is a reason to save any IP's for the files. the configs specify what the file will be if / when it is needed and pre-creating an empty file for no real reason seems a bit silly.

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        • #5
          Well I've never seen the DNAS create it itself, and it's enabled in the config. Don't quote me on this, but if I remember correctly, it will complain when you run it that no ban or rip files are found.


          • #6
            it should be creating them only if you add an IP via the RIP / BAN admin pages - which is how it is doing it from a quick test. i can't remember which build it was that it was changed to not complain about no files being there - most likely was build 19 with the other fixes to the handling of those files.

            so are you saying that it's never creating ban / rip files if correctly specified against a valid file path in the config file? if so then you'll need to pm me a copy of your config file so i can try it all out with your settings.

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            • #7
              Well this was with the default configs, but shouldn't it create them when running the program rather than when adding to them via the config panel? If you removed the warning though, then forget I said anything


              • #8
                i think you might be confusing me (not hard at the moment).

                those files are only created (if not already present) if an IP is banned / reserved via the admin pages. if that is not done then there won't be any files created as there's nothing to save out i.e. unless you've told the DNAS to ban / reserve an IP as it can't automagically know such things.

                so am i looking at a bug report here, or just a non-issue with something that is working as expected?

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                • #9
                  Non-issue. I figured it was still using an old method, but you clarified it


                  • #10
                    rightio, had to make sure if it's a new bug or not.

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                    • #11
                      Hello DrO,

                      Thanks for a RC, all my problems connected utf-8 resolved


                      • #12
                        lyov: yay! sorry it's taken a lot longer than i'd have liked to get the issues sorted out but at least it's done now

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                        • #13
                          Hello DrO,
                          and one more thing about xml, when track have cover /admin.cgi?sid=1&mode=viewxml&page=5 xml is corrupted.


                          • #14
                            displaying of APIC data in the metadata xml has always done that (since it's not correctly encoded in a way that most xml viewers like it).

                            however APIC in the metadata tag is no longer supported as part of the metadata specifications (was changed in March) and so requires use of a compatible source (though i've a feeling you're holding off on using the newer sc_trans until the issues with build 48 are resolved).

                            so is basically a non-issue and really APIC should never have been placed in the metadata as it just doesn't work well in xml (hence the change in the metadata specifications).

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                            • #15
                              i'll be excited to try this out, unfortunately i don't have full access to the webcasts ATM, but will soon enough. seeing this stuff continue to develop is good.

                              question: why can't the DNAS be in a gui like presentation the way v1 was? i really liked how i could bring up the config txt file, make edits, and save it via the gui DNAS.
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