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SHOUTcast Connect/Disconnect Needs Timer

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  • SHOUTcast Connect/Disconnect Needs Timer

    I've read various suggestions relative to users needing, adding or wanting the SHOUTcast developers to add a timer function to the SHOUTcast OUTPUT tab that would allow the user to set a timer that would turn on or turn off the stream. This would be highly effective and useful for people who have multiple sites or DJ's trying to stream music, consecutively, without listeners hearing dead air etc.

    Currently, if a DJ is streaming from one location and wants to end the stream and then start streaming from another location or DJ (that may not be present at the remote/other location to manually press disconnect or deselect the 'AutoConnect function and press disconnect), he must disconnect and travel to the other location (considering that there is no one at the other location to start or press connect), and then upon arrival start the connection. The result is that there would be dead air until the DJ/person gets to the other location.

    Each location could set their own on time and off time to coincide with the start and end/off time set at the other location.

    Please, Please, Please consider and/or add this functionality to the SHOUTcast Source.

    Thank you

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    i've never seen such a request like this before for the Source DSP though it sounds reasonable to be considered so i'll make a note but that does not guarantee it'll ever be natively implemented.

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      What you're asking requires time coordination that is "iffy" at best - Both machine clocks would have to be totally in sync (timing is everything).

      While daz ponders the request, can I offer a few alternatives?

      1) If the original machine at location A can stay powered up, simply leave it connected until the DJ arrives at location B. The DJ can then kick the source at location A, and take over.

      2) If this is not possible, consider a backup file that plays to listeners instead of dead air when no source is connected

      3) Several providers offer an AutoDJ service, and sc_trans also can be used as middleware, again allowing streaming of a backup playlist when there is no "live" source.

      Hope this helps
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        sc_trans v2 seems the ideal solution to the problem - no need for timers at all
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          true that sc_trans or an autodj is the better option.

          my only thought on it being a valid request is for start/stopping the source DSP as needed at a specific time. though the more i think about it, the more it's just adding complexity to something which is already on the verge of being deemed too complex.

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