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Shoutcast Transcoder 2 Multiple Encoders per Connection

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  • Shoutcast Transcoder 2 Multiple Encoders per Connection


    Is there any way to get more than one encoder to an connection.
    Yes i know i can assign more encoders.

    But this is my case:

    3 Channels: Dance, RnB, Rock

    Each Channel should be have min. 2 Encoders (AACP 32kbit/s & AACP 64kbit/s)
    later i will add mp3 to the encoders.

    My Shoutcast server have 6 Streams for each Encoder/Connection.

    I have tried a lot but nothing works. All what i get is one Channel on all Streams. -,-

    Thanks a lot.

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    Post your configs with the passwords obfuscated and all of your logs.

    Now, when you say "channel" do you mean a stream for each type of music and for each bitrate/type or do you mean something else? The word "channel" is not currently part of the SHOUTcast lexicon so it would help if you could clarify what you mean by "channel".
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      I think he means three different source programs

      as transcoder only accepts one source at a time (be it soundcard, dj or playlist), then, no, you can not have 3 different sources simultaneously in transcoder v2

      however, you CAN have 3 instances of transcoder running, each with it's own playlist, or in the case of "DJ" connection, each with it's own port for incoming source streams
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        3 instances is the only way to do it, would just be a nightmare having sc_trans being able to process more than one input at a time and working against multiple outputs (people get too confused with the one input - multiple output approach it already does without multiple input - multiple output).

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          Hi everybody

          Thanks for your response.
          jaromanda knows exactly what i mean.

          So i have to configure 3 sc_trans instances. Ok.
          Is there anything to set or to know about multiple instances?

          I have found one point in Wiki about ulimit to 512. Anything else to know about?

          Thanks a lot.


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            you just need to make 3 separate installs (be it on the same machine or different ones) and just configure them as needed.

            as all you're basically doing is one install, copying it twice and changing it for what is needed for the other two stations (changing ports, input files / dj passwords /etc). the ulimit option is not something that should be affecting the Transcoder (as it's the source, you're not going to be having many connections to it), only the DNAS.

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