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  • Input Crossfading

    Now available with X-Fade! Awesome that it passed review and got an overall 5/5! Awesome sauce!

    This plugin is for SHOUTcasters ONLY! Instead of relying on your soundcard and the Output plugin to crossfade your music you can do it with this plugin at the input stage before it reaches the DSP. However, there are some caveats, the first of them being the same as LiveWire:
    • The audio Sample Rate, Bits per Second, and Number of Channels must be the same between audio tracks to crossfade.
    • You really should use a NULL Output plugin (preferably ZeroPointer) as the active output plugin. Not doing so will probably make your station timing rate all jacked up.
    • The plugin only supports audio files who's native decoding input plugin exports fully functional transcoder functions. If you're using an audio format that doesn't support the transcoding functions, blame the developer, not me.
    • The plugin will not crossfade through audio tracks that are not at least twice as long as the specified crossfade time.

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