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    The universal "Opus Interactive Audio Codec" has now been standardised as an IETF standard, RFC 6716, giving the web a standard for audio that works for the vast majority of audio traffic, from low bit-rate voice over IP to high bit-rate music.

    This document defines the Opus interactive speech and audio codec. Opus is designed to handle a wide range of interactive audio applications, including Voice over IP, videoconferencing, in-game chat, and even live, distributed music performances. It scales from low bitrate narrowband speech at 6 kbit/s to very high quality stereo music at 510 kbit/s. Opus uses both Linear Prediction (LP) and the Modified Discrete Cosine Transform (MDCT) to achieve good compression of both speech and music. [STANDARDS-TRACK]

    The IETF have made the codec into the basis for an RFC and established it as the new web standard for audio, for everything from low-bandwidth voice to high-quality music


    Icecast 2 supports this codec.

    Will shoutcast support this codec (Next release) ?

    This Codec is very usefull.

    If you use the <audio> Tag in html5, you cant hear the shoutcast stream with firefox.
    Because firefox dont support mp3.

    Only chrome and others supports .mp3

    With opus all browsers supports it, because its standardised.

    //Sorry my english

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    i wouldn't expect to see opus support soon / at all (and definitely not in the next version - unless you're asking for that release to be delayed by a few more months?).

    the main aspect of support just comes down to clients and sources being able to play / provide an opus stream as the DNAS should be able to pass an opus stream through just like it can with an Ogg Vorbis stream. the only problem is likely to be the detecting of title updates and a few other aspects that won't work correctly (based on what i have looked into for Ogg Vorbis support). then again the Ogg container is a bitch to deal with which i believe opus also uses, so supporting one would generally bring the other.

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      I edited my first post with the <audio> reason.



      Thank you for your reply Dr0.

      I didnt know ogg is not good for shoutcast.

      Thanks mate Very good support

      //Sorry my english, im from germany and learning english


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        i know the reason behind opus being appealing (due to the complete farce that has been the html5 <audio> tag codec support, and personally i can see the benefit of it but i'm not the one who makes such decisions

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          Okay, Thank you very much for your reply