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  • Winamp crossFADER/PLUGIN

    Hello i have a problem regarding my shoutcast server ...
    I used to have it few years ago connected to winamp. I was streaming using DSP plugin and i also had installed "Sqr crossFADER plugin for winamp" Now i have everything the same but it seems that even thought winamp is mixing songs on my pc, when i connect to listen to my server it just skips from one song to another without crossfading ???

    Any one might know why is it like that ???

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    Winamp's crossfading is done in the output plug-in and not at the DSP stage - that is why on the machine it sounds ok but not in the stream. other than finding a DSP plug-in that will do it before being passed to the Source DSP, what you're experiencing is expected.
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      To add to what DrO already said (which is absolutely true) if you set the SHOUTcast DSP to pick up the audio from the soundcard instead of from Winamp directly then you'll get the crossfaded music. However, depending on your O.S., you may not be able to do that.
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        Thank You


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          Other than setting DSP up to pick audio from sound card is there any other plugin that will do it before passing it to the source ??

          Thank you all in advance


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            A lot has changed since I used Winamp and SQRSoft together to power a stream but I do remember how it had to be set up. Don't know if it will work with today's Winamp, but here goes... from a post I made back in 2008....

            Correct config is Winamp -> Crossfader -> DSP

            That means if you look at Winamp Plugins - DSP/Effect and the DSP is in there, it shouldn't be. Set that to "none"

            Then config the crossfader, and add the DSP in the "DSP" tab of the crossfader itself.

            If this still works, please post back confirming to help others.
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              Source DSP v2.x doesn't work inside of SQRSoft (if SQRSoft was still developed it'd be a simple change to allow it to work).
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