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transmitting artist / title info remotely

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  • transmitting artist / title info remotely

    Hi - sorry to post this question again, but there's got to be a way to do this, as I'm sure others are doing the same thing.

    My Shoutcast stream plug-ins are on one computer. They are taking audio from a mixer, etc, LINE-IN(from another computer mainly running WinAmp), therefore no MP3 information is associated with it.

    Obviously I could type in the title and artist everytime it changes to another song, but many times it is automated, and I am using WinAmp on the other computer generating the audio so the information is available.

    Is there some location or something that I can FTP the text to that will update the Shoutcast server list?

    Thanks again, and my apologies if you've had to read this again!!


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    Perhaps try this:
    I think there might be an easier way (once you get it to work though).
    I'll run down the steps:
    1) On the computer that has the source Winamp go to the Winamp directory. (Usually C:/Program Files/Winamp)
    2) Locate a file called winamp.lks (if it doesn't exist create a text file and rename it to winamp.lks)
    3) Open winamp.lks with notepad.
    4) Edit it so it looks like the following:
    Winamp Links File v1.0
    DefBrowseLoc http://IP:PORT/admin.cgi?pass=PASS&$a%20-%20$t Update Song Info

    (NOTE: That should only be on 3 lines)
    Replace IP with the IP of the machine with the DNAS.
    PORT with the port of the DNAS
    PASS with the password of the server.

    5) Start Winamp
    6) Press Ctrl + P
    7) Click on "Setup"
    8) Under Internet settings make sure it is set to "Using LAN Internet Connection"
    9) Open minibrowser
    10) Start playing a song

    The first time you may need to use the little triangle thing in the minibrowser and go down to Update Song Info, however after that it should send the info automatically upon song change. Also you will need to have the minibrowser open all the time so it can send this info. And finally when the info is sent you do not get a page, so don't be discouraged if it is not loading a page, check the http://IP:PORT to see if it is updating.

    Give that a try and see how it turns out for you.



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      More help with this?

      took me a long time to find this. Is there a problem with the search engine? even after I found the correct topic(manual looking at each page) i could not find it on the search.

      any ways, i've never gotten this to work. Any body know why? i have auto up date on the DSP turned off, but the page continues to say line in. It's not a terrible bother right now, but soon i will have the back up relay finally going(see only i am going to have to use a HardWare switch that my roomate is building, rather then a software switch(details comming soon.) So when the dj's log in, it's still going to say line-in, or have the information from my SAM(which will be kicked from the cast but still be sending information to the server.) is there a way to over ride other tags being sent? any places that have more info on the winamp.lks? again, i tried searching here and found nothing. Thanks!


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        If the Song title and artist information is in a flat txt file you can use SCDC to get it there, check out for more info.
        -Jay | Radio


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          having a text file for each and every mp3 is not an option. 1st it takes to long, 2nd, my own files will be handed just fine, this is a solution for my dj's to have there titles show correctly. So it needs to be something they can do simply as they are not all computer geeks like me. Any one else have ideas?


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            Looks like tom answered this in the second thread( on this topic, but i will expand and ask other questions. Found out the same thing about 3 seconds before Tom posted by disecting the dsp .dll. The correct statement is ...

            http://Host:Port/admin.cgi?pass=(you're password)&mode=updinfo&song=$a%20-%20$t

            So to get the update to work, you have to edit the WINAMP.lks file to be ...

            Winamp Links File v1.0
            DefBrowseLoc http://Host:Port/admin.cgi?pass=(you're password)&mode=updinfo&song=$a%20-%20$t Update Song Info

            rember, this is three lines. Now when you open you're minbrowser and click the little triangle that points up, there should be a item that says "Update Song Info"

            Now for my question on this. This works on one of my computers, but not the other. At first i thought it was cause the one that didn't work was winamp 2.5, but it still didn't work after i upgraded. When i open my minibrowser, it doesn't have any links at all. Any one know why that's not working? on the winamp that works, there was a WINAMP.lks already there, on the one that didn't work, i had to create WINAMP.lks. Thanks!


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              no links either

              Yes I have the same problem (as stated in another reply - sorry about the double reply) - it shows no links even though I have created the winamp.lks file.


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                Okay I am going to go through the whole thing, hopefully this will answer your questions, if not just reply.

                First off only use this if the broadcasting copy of Winamp does NOT have the song info but a version down line does. If the broadcasting version has the info then it should update the DNAS automatically. If it isn't check any DSP stackers you may be running and check that your password only contains numbers and letters (no spaces!).

                Things you'll need to make sure are done first:
                1) A fairly recent version of Winamp (I don't remember the exact cutoff version but anything over 2.7 should be good (older versions do not support one of the tags ($a or $t I forget which) and will lock up when you try to use it)).
                2) Make sure you tell Winamp you have a connection (Ctrl + P > Setup > Using LAN internet connection.)
                3) Create/Edit the winamp.lks file

                Winamp Links File v1.0
                DefBrowseLoc http://IP:PORT/admin.cgi?pass=PASS&mode=updinfo&song=$a%20-%20$t Update Song Info

                NOTE: Be sure to replace and spaces in the URL with %20

                You may also want to make winamp.lks Read-Only because Winamp will sometimes update the links and erase your custom file if you don’t make it Read-Only.

                Now with all that done open Winamp and the minibrowser. Load a song and play it. If the minibrowser did not go to the new page use the arrow and select it (you usually only have to do this once, but if it keeps going to a different page then edit your winamp.ini file and delete the value on the last_shorturl= line).



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                  Yeap. Got all that Tom. Works great WHEN "update song info" appears in you're minibrowser links after editing WINAMP.lks, Want me and Circut need to know, what do you do when it DOESN'T appear in the minibrowser. I'm due to reload the machine that the offending winamp is on, but it would be nice to know why the links aren't working in the mean time. If you need more info, let me know. Thanks!


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                    same problem

                    Yeah, I've done everything exactly and edited the INI file, as said, but it still does not come up on the mini Web Browser. I've restarted winamp and everything. I dunno...


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                      Hmmm, odd. Both of you guys send an email to [email protected] with the winamp.lks file attached (go ahead and change the password part before sending it though).



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                        Originally posted by puttwill
                        having a text file for each and every mp3 is not an option. 1st it takes to long, 2nd, my own files will be handed just fine, this is a solution for my dj's to have there titles show correctly. So it needs to be something they can do simply as they are not all computer geeks like me. Any one else have ideas?
                        Hmmm I think you misunderstood me, you don't need a text file for every mp3, your automation program just has to output the current song title in a file on the hard drive some where. Also you could edit a SINGLE file by hand to update the current song as well.
                        -Jay | Radio


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                          I never received an email from you but in puttwill's case it didn't show up because there were spaces at the end of the lines. After those were deleted it works fine. Give that a try and see if that was the cause for you as well.



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                            that was it!

                            I got rid of an extra space at the end of the first line and it works now. Am I able to set it up to update several streams with the title info through this file? Does it run through every link when a song changes?




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                              No, it will only go to the first one I think, therefore it will only update one server. It should be possible for it to hit a page that contains a script that would update all your servers with this info though.