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Are Winamp/SC forums really going away??

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  • Are Winamp/SC forums really going away??

    Since SC is supposedly going to still be around after December 20, I was wondering if these forums would disappear. I know they are branded with Winamp logos, a Winamp subdomain, and lots of Winamp information. I also know that the Winamp download page also states "associated web services" will be shutdown. But if SC is still being actively developed, won't there still be a need for an (official) community for support? This place is FULL of useful support information. It contains a wealth of knowledge where people have been contributing for over 10 years. I wonder if, on December 21, these will truly cease to can only wonder...
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    It DOES say and associated web services.
    which is pretty clear that the website will be gone.
    Cheers, Pete

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      Shoutcast does appear to be continuing.
      So someone, somewhere will be dealing with this very issue.
      If they are not, they are foolish.

      I have no idea who is even in charge of shoutcast these days.
      All the staff I had contact with during my time working on shoutcast are gone,
      so I have nobody to ask.

      I dare not ask DrO as I get the impression he would probably bark at and bite me,
      with the pressure hes under at the moment.

      So just see what happens
      So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.


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        i'd just refer to my prior comments and not to read into things which have not been stated as is happening all too often. plus most of the SC support is done via other means anyway (however minimal it is). and the only pressure i'm under is trying not to come down with another illness like i did 2 days ago (got to love the winter vomiting bug that's been going around).
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          What a time to get sick ffs.
          I hope you are able to keep on your feet mate
          So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.


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            its why I hatebW[U]inter. At least now I live in a warmer climate than Michigan where I use to live.
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