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Shoutcast To Linux (Repository or "Auto-install")

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  • Shoutcast To Linux (Repository or "Auto-install")


    There is a Ubuntu/Debian repository of I#%Cast like some of you probably already know, but i'll never see a Shoutcast repository for linux, in general...

    Why don't make something about it and create it?

    or, instead, a simple bash file than "install" Shoutcast in Debian/Ubuntu (at least) and allows to use the greatness of Shoutcast easier on linux

    I'm thinking about Debian/Ubuntu not because they are the only linux that exist, but because they already are the only ones that have the chance of install a radio server using repositorys, but no Shoutcast sadly..

    Well, that's my suggestion, if this was already implemented please, let me know

    ¡Cheers Up!

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    is it really needed ? it's not like it's hard to wget the DNAS archive and use setup mode to get a basic version up and running (or just downloading it and editing the config file as needed as a number prefer to do).
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      I'm working with debian and it's not needed for me. As DrO mentioned isn't really hard to "install" it because there isn't more than download, extract and edit config files. Also for init.d (start, stop, restart) files are a massive count of examples online and very easy to find.