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Setting up on my Cloud Server with Social engine

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  • Setting up on my Cloud Server with Social engine

    Hi All

    I'm new here - am just about to move my social network clubbing site to a bigger cloud server with my current provider AMAZON AWS, and plan to run a single stream radio station.

    i will be using auto dj and streaming 320mbs mp3

    the planned server is

    Quad core x 2666 High frequency Intel Xeon E5-2666 v3 (Haswell) processors
    7.5 Gb ram
    Dedicated EBS Throughput - 750 Mbps

    i will be running C panel
    Social Engine
    Red 5 for live video streaming

    the site database runs of an separate server - CDN MAx is used and some comet chat services are on comet chat server, so I'm confident i have enough processing power and bandwidth - does anyone disagree?

    i read one article about hosting shout cast inside social engine -

    but I'm not a coder - so this is a general plea for guidance and advice -
    before i go ahead - please stop me before i do something i will regret



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    How much is the server costing you? I'm currently using Digital Ocean because it is cheap, although they don't guarantee bandwidth. If AWS does, it sounds like an option. I already use there S3, Route 53, and CloudFront services on other projects.

    Are you going to be streaming out at 320 Kbps? Seems a little high, although I can understand why. But it will chew up bandwidth, both yours and the listeners. You'll max out at around 2344 listeners with that throughput, but I would allow for head room on that figure.

    Personally I'm setup an AAC stream at 192 Kbps, in addition to a 128 Kbps in MP3 that I already run. The MP3 stream works perfectly on the mobile via 3G.



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      AWS is going to be wayyyyy expensive if you have a lot of traffic. Might as well find a dedicated machine with 30-50TB of bandwidth. You really dont need a massive beast to stream shoutcast.


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        True, I settled on Digital Ocean because the cost is good. Although I'm considering an OVH dedicated server, as they give you a guaranteed data connection.

        The range start with an Atom based server with a 100Mbps connection for €4.99 euros a month. Not bad for a dedicated connection.

        Especially as there appears to be no limit on that.