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Caching API results and server hammering

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  • Caching API results and server hammering

    Hi everyone!

    I have just become a SHOUTcast partner and received my DevID.

    I read pretty much everything here: SHOUTcast_Radio_Directory_API

    and here: SHOUTcast_API_License_Agreement

    And I have a tough question: should I cache the results from API calls?

    If decided to cache, I would be going against what is requested in the SHOUTcast Radio Directory API:
    Do not cache the XML for more than 1 day, as station ID's can and will change.
    If I did not cache anything, I would be going against the SHOUTcast API License Agreement:
    Please do not hammer the servers. We request reasonable usage and recommend that you utilize local caching.

    Moreover, let's suppose I decide to cache results. Since those results are 100% based on users' queries, wouldn't it be somewhat silly to cache those results, as my app's users would probably enter different queries every time????

    In an effort to try to solve my problem, I had the idea of downloading the entire SHOUTcast database, once a day/week, and then, upload it to my own server. Afterwards, my app would send all queries to my server, and wouldn't bother SHOUTcast's servers at all.

    The problem with such an approach, though, is that I could not find a way to download the entire SHOUTcast database at once, like we can do with IceCast's

    What should I do next???? How should I proceed?

    I'm afraid of hurting the SHOUTcast API License Agreement and getting my DevId revoked:
    We reserve the right to revoke access for DevIDs which abuse the system.
    Thanks in advance!!

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    Caching API results and server hammering

    Hi everyone,

    Im developing a dnb radio app and I would like to apply for a dev id for the shoutcast radio API, but all the partner request links I found out there are down and theres no information about that.. Is not possible to apply for a partner request right now? Im sorry if this question has been answered before


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      Shoutcast API Partner

      #Bashmack: Go to roll down to the near bottom where reads "Partner with us" and send that form off.

      #carlosrafaelgn: I'm happy that you asking this as I have the exact same questions. I would prefer the "sync database once a week" but as you said, this would violate the agreement and our APIs could be revoked. You asked this ages ago... Did anyone PM you?



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        i think its pretty clear what you should do.

        cache the xml for no longer than 24 hours.

        this will keep everything within the terms.