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A playlist with all Radio Streams and URLs under reconstruction

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  • A playlist with all Radio Streams and URLs under reconstruction

    I had hestitated with opening a new thread, but I think, I should leave my newer .zip-folder for You now.

    I had already left another .zip-folder for You in Post #5 in the other thread "RMO & Streams Down?" in Winamp & SHOUTcast Forums > SHOUTcast > SHOUTcast Technical Support:
    Something go south with your Shoutcast? Need tips to get up and streaming? Check in here with the experts.

    and again I apologize for the fact, that I myself still was not able anymore to update the URLs, after many of them had become outdated. My life had changed, and I cannot sit only at the computer, because I have more and more extra-dates outside. And so many other things for my activity in the internet are in the queue.

    In my .zip-folder I have left the first URL, "linein://", which is useful for the music on YouTube and SoundCloud in Firefox and Chrome and for the Milkdrop Visualizer in Winamp, if there is "Stereomix" on the computer. Some more descriptions follow directly in my .txt-files.

    Also I have listed very much radio stations together with their website addresses in my .txt-files, although sometimes it can happen, that suddenly a radio station does not exist anymore.

    I suggest to save the .pls- and .m3u-files directly onto the harddrives, but with the names of the radio websites incl. the names of the sub stations (the words should be seperated with "_"). Then You can keep the overview, and later You can enqueue the whole folder and save the long .m3u-file in a second folder.

    Of course You can use also the bookmark-method in Winamp itself, but with my own method I was able to copy all streams and URLs from the previous Windows Install to the next Windows Install.

    I have my .zip-folder also on Mediafire and the download-link in my Devious Journal "Winamp forever - Music forever!" on deviantART. I don't know yet, when can I myself work on it, since I am focussed also on my own photos, photoworks, artwork.

    But You Yourselves can build up new complete playlists as big .m3u-files, independent from me...
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