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Where to procure music for my station?

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  • Where to procure music for my station?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm brand new to Shoutcast and am sure this may seem like a stupid question but I'm wondering where I should access the music I'd like to play on my station after obtaining the necessary license?

    Am I required to purchase all of the music first from an Apple or Amazon and then upload it to my station for streaming?

    I'm not sure how this works. Any info would be much appreciated.


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    Hello ProfWoland, welcome to the forums.

    Indeed, when you create your account, it's up to you to decide what music (if it's a music station) you'll play, or in some other cases, podcasts. You provide it all, according to the licenses you own over the material you submit to broadcasting (Broadcaster's licenses, for example.

    Depending on the type of service you signed up for (self-hosted DNAS or SCSS DNAS+), you also have variations of this, like broadcasting from your own computer, or setting up an auto-dj playing from a remote computer, so your mileage may vary, too.

    Feel free to dig deeper in the thread if you have more questions!

    I have no ties to Radionomy/TargetSpot in any way. My posts/replies are my own so any advice I can give, try at your own risk.
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      yes you are fully responsible for providing any content you wish to broadcast. you may use any method of obtaining the material you wish. i have found that many times if you contact the label or artist and explain to them that you are a broadcaster trying to build the initial library, that they will, more often than not, send you music for free.

      itunes and amazon are both valid means as well. but to me that sounds like it can get pretty expensive quickly. depending on what methods you will be using to generate income to cover the stations cost, it may be a while before you see any return on the investment.

      depending on what type of music makes a big difference as well.. theres plenty of free, royalty free music out there for the taking as well.

      then theres always yardsales, thrift stores, and bargain bins at the local music store... cd's for a buck, etc


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        An incredible amount of free music. Pay attention to the licensing. A great resource.

        Free Music Archive is your number 1 resource for royalty free music and 'free to download' music.
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