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ExoPlayerDemo / Dalvik 2.1.0 new phenomenon

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  • ExoPlayerDemo / Dalvik 2.1.0 new phenomenon


    I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same phenomenons as me. For two weeks now, my stream is indebted with connections from ExoPlayerDemo but that's not the problem, these are the two phenomenons with this user agent I am observing:

    1) A user will connect with an ExoPlayerDemo, after a few minutes this same IP address will open between 10-100+ further connections but this time with a user agent "Dalvik 2.1.0", both are Android players. I am not tolerating that an IP address may connect 100+ time (in the worst cases) so I ban the subnets but this is a thankless and useless task as those people are on mobile networks from providers with many many subnets. I have identified a few recurring ones on a daily basis so I ban their subnets for now, but many different ones all the time. However because of the 250 ban list limit I must keep an eye and unban some old stuff I banned ages ago. I even put a text in the stream every few minutes to warn about banning multiple connections, but clearly ignored.

    From what I understand Exoplayers/dalvik are players developed by people, and not players you install from Googleplay, I don't understand why so many developers would be using my station, when there are 100'000 out there. Are they just testing or are they genuine listeners, who developed faulty players suddenly, I wonder.

    Some other ones, also connecting with an Exoplayerdemo, open a few connections say upto 8 but these tend to close within a minute, those are not the worst ones. I leave these alone as they automatically disconnect not long after.

    2) The other phenomenon, less annoying, users connecting also with an ExoplayerDemo player, stay connected but in the background the IP address connects and disconnect non stop for as long as the user is listening, am just wondering what this means.

    I am wondering if I am really the only person with this carrying on, this is happening all day and I have only observed this for 2 weeks, why suddenly ?. I am someone who mans the station like 24/7 so I notice something new quickly, it's like a baby to me. Maybe others don't care or get annoyed or didn't notice lol. Needless to say have done many google searches but nothing comes up, it must me just me lol.

    Anyway thanks for reading and maybe someone can shed some light.

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    Not that I know the answer, but just to let you know you're not alone in this: we are experiencing the same phenomenon on a daily basis, sadly.


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      Google tells me that it is an application level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android's MediaPlayer

      Which could explain the connect/disconnect , a mobile thing like a phone on the move is hopping from celltower to celltower.... why it's connecting serveral times ????? no clue what so ever.
      Been running a stream since 2003 and never have seen anything like that in my logs.
      latest version of Winamp
      DSP Plug V2.41
      Language Packs


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        we are having the same issue...

        Lately we have had several Android phones reporting the Dalvik/2.1.0 user agent and creating multiple simultaneous connections. Does anyone know a good way to handle this? I hate to ban the IP b/c I'm pretty sure they are valid listeners. Would be nice to limit multiple connections on a per IP basis.

        As a test I connected to our station via my Android phone running Android 9 and using XiiaLive and it only had the single connection as expected.


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          I have this same problem so too solve the problem for me i just banned the user-agent "ExoPlayerDemo" now it's not issue any more for my radio.