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How do I reset the 'current song metadata'?

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  • How do I reset the 'current song metadata'?

    Using Shoutcast Server v2.6.0.753, when a stream with inline metadata is connected, I can read the held song metadata with "admin.cgi?sid=1&mode=viewxml&page=5". When the stream disconnects, this same call STILL returns the held song metadata.

    In the earlier version of Shoutcast, the song metadata was emptied as soon as the stream disconnected from the Shoutcast server.

    I want to emulate this behaviour on the v2.6.0.753 Shoutcast server.

    Unfortunately the call of "admin.cgi?mode=resetxml&sid=#" only seems to flush the 'stream' data, but not the held 'song metadata'.

    If I send "admin.cgi?mode=resetxml&sid=1" followed by "admin.cgi?sid=1&mode=viewxml&page=5", the response returned STILL contains all the song's metadata from the last time a stream was connected and active.

    I can't find a call to permanently flush the 'song metadata' on stream disconnection.

    Can you help?


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    best way ro do that would be to edit the .conf, comment out the stream def commands, update or force via admin interface, uncomment the stream, and update/force again.
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      or you could use admin.cgi?sid=1&mode=viewxml&page=1 and grab the value in <SONGTITLE></SONGTITLE>.

      or simply /currentsong?sid=1

      this will be empty if there is no source connected to the stream.