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    Greetings All,

    It has been sometime since I have been on the forums or even thought of streaming but recently been approached with restarting.As well, I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum as I am coming up empty on requirements and thought "wth, I'll go back to my roots"

    First off, a little back story and I hope not to get into a novel here but feel it is important to make known.

    2010 my Shoutcast stream went off line after a 10 year run due to monetization and the overwhelming cost's required to operate. Although we had a decent concurrent listener rate of around 2500 average we did not seek out ads for profit which ultimately was our downfall.
    Needless to say we just couldn't keep up.

    Recently, the idea has been discussed again to restart from the ashes but the reality is that we are now 10 years older and a lot of things have changed. And it would appear that the game has changed as well and we truly have no idea where to even start.
    Our thought pattern atm is "Go Big or Go Home" but do we even really know what that means. We have identified the avenues and routes we need to travel in order to get back to that point but isolating it down into one package has been nerve racking.
    The necessities required back in the day are not the same as today and I am seeing that things are much easier but at the same time even more confusing.

    Back when we first started , I used Live365's services in order to establish the stream. It was quite convenient for the time period but lacked in quality and was essentially to expensive to run quality high bit rated streams. Icecast was the next option we tried but found it to be very buggy and inconsistent until Shoutcast arrived. I LOVED SC as it was very intuitive to use but found out that even though on Live365 I became a Big Fish, I was soon finding myself as a big lake fish swimming in an ocean of much bigger fish. It took us YEARS to establish

    With that said, there are questions we have that we are seemingly getting mixed information on and wanted to ask some streamers about specific areas to streaming on YouTube and was hoping to maybe get a more clear picture by asking here.

    The Outline :

    Our goal is to operate and maintain a 24 hour non interactive stream using YouTube with a Format that will contain primarily copyrighted material but will also focus on local and unsigned artist.
    Atm, our current library is around 4.5 Tb FLAC files which roughly gives us 72 hours of continual music without a repeat (of the song). We are searching for HD quality
    Monetization of course is dependent upon the YouTube requirements of 1000 subs and 4k WTH in which we will obviously need to achieve first but believe with a little marketing and cross promotion we can achieve this within a year. With that said, we still do not want ads (at all) and are hoping to use donations via YouTube's OBS software to cover cost's and possibly even for profit.

    Questions :

    Is SC even a viable solution to streaming on YouTube? Is there a better option? I used SC with multiple plugins that gave me the flexibility to mix on the fly and ultimately change a playlist if needed,on the fly. As it stands now, I am just considering making 30 minute block mixes into one WAV and uploading it via YouTube but this would get tedious.

    Royalties - This is a huge conversation piece for us. We know if we are going to be playing copyrighted material we are going to have to pay for it. With said, besides a basic Public Performance license from BMI-ASCAP,etc is there anything else I will need to be aware of. Is there a buy one all package for a year that allows me coverage?
    As well, even if I buy licenses that cover me with this,will I be able to escape the constant flagging that YouTube streamers experience,daily?

    I guess in a nutshell, before I agree to doing this I MUST know what I am getting back into. And today, things are quite different. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. And I know this is seemingly off the norm of SC topics, and I do apologize. I just am not getting the answers I need and was hoping to see others viewpoints.

    Thanks All!

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    I should have been a little more concise with my OP and now realizing what I have posted.
    I pretty much have my own answer with this as Shoutcast is not designed for YouTube as tube is a Video platform. ::duh::
    This is a blonde moment for me....apologies

    But for the life of me, I can't see how these YouTube streamers are making money with the ungodly rules of monetization of YouTube. I also cannot imagine the interruptions to their streams due to the legit/erroneous flags