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Anyone using mobile internet/data?

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  • Anyone using mobile internet/data?

    Guys, I have my system running through a traditional (Vodafone) router & landline setup & it works great, mostly down to a couple of dudes on here who sorted me out with some port advice. So this quiery is more 'discussion' rather than a tech support thing.

    I can run it at home, at my pal's & the GFs but I can't run it at work 'cos security issues. Got me thinking whether or not I can use my mobile data over WIFI to stream. I had a quick search for mobile internet but couldn't find much.

    I have tried to get a stream up with just my mobile phone & a network adapter & it nearly works (I can connect locally), but I have never been able to get others to connect. Can someone point me to any threads on this? Any stickies? Cheers fellas...

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    mobile "data" is an albatross when it comes to streaming audio or video...It works for some (cariers) and not for others.

    when it doesn't work, it's usually because the mobile carrier is inspecting http content-types and blocking audio (ie audio/mpeg) and video (ie video/mp4) media, while allowing just about everything else.

    the other issue, more so with video than audio is data volume -- 128kbps is ~1 megabyte per minute, so if your mobile carrier gives you 300 megabytes per month, you could stream 128kbps for 5 hours before you hit your limit (and possibly extra billing). low quality video is near 1000kbps, 10 times more data and 10 times less time (in the example that would be 30mins.) before you would face extra billing.

    use cell data as a last resort.
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      Thanks for the prompt reply. All good advice
      Yeah, it did cross my mind that any fault would lie with my ISP, the charmingly named Superdrug Mobile.

      It's a fairly good SIM only deal but I had a good look at the small print & they are a subsidiary of Three Mobile, which have something of a poor rap over here.

      I have 'unlimited' data which is probably why they limit AV streaming 'cos I won't hit/go over my allowance & they can't squeeze any more money out of me.

      They're a High Street chainstore geared towards women's products - make up, hair styling etc. I know they're picky with how customers can use data. For example porn is a definite no-no, & in order to look at anything like that whether streamed or just stills, you have to register, do age checks & give 'em credit card deets

      I'm gonna keep trying & maybe call them & see if there's something I'd need to do like registering & if I crack it I'll maybe do a thread, 'cos it would be cool to live stream from hot locations like demos & protests... Reckon there might be a few of those coming soon!


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        Originally Posted by Boo Levard View Post

        I have 'unlimited' data
        No you don't
        that is just advertising

        i work in that field and if a provider says it has unlimited it means you get a certain amount of data a day.
        read the fine print and you will see there is a hard limit.
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